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The Visakhapatnam City Police has advised citizens to take certain measures to prevent crimes and burglary during the Sankranti festive season. During this time, as a number of people travel to their native villages, their houses can be safely monitored. The Visakhapatnam City Police is providing residents with a Locked House Monitoring System (LHMS) for their houses and apartments in Vizag. This is an app connected to CCTV cameras placed outside their respective homes. Camera access will be provided to the applicant. Whenever the camera captures a movement in close up, the applicant will be alerted on their phone. If it is anything suspicious they can raise an alarm notification from their phone itself.

These CCTV cameras will also be constantly monitored by the police. To avail of the Locked House Monitoring System facility, people must submit their request, along with Aadhar card copies, at their local police station in Vizag. After which the police will fix the cameras near the respective house.

Apart from the LHMS cameras being installed outside their homes, people can also avail the Police Beat facility. Here, the police would monitor the house and the surroundings while going on their regular daily patrolling rounds. These facilities are can be availed by residents of all areas and will especially benefit people residing in isolated areas.

The Visakhapatnam City Police is also carrying out visible policing throughout the day in crowded areas in order to keep an eye on pickpockets. Megaphone announcements will be made in busy areas like Jagadamba Centre, Visakhapatnam Central ( Police Barracks area), CMR Central, bus stands, and the railway station. People travelling in autos and buses must be very careful and alert. All the valuable items like gold and cash must be kept in the bank lockers. The known thieves, with previous records, will be under strict police surveillance during this week.

Additionally, an awareness program has been conducted on this issue and pamphlets have been distributed to enlighten the public about the precautionary guidelines by the Police Department.

Here is list of precautionary measures given by the Visakhapatnam City Police:

#1 Precious gold jewelry to be stored in the bank locker

#2 While going out of station, don’t leave money, gold and other valuables in the cupboards at home

#3 Be vigilant when carrying valuable items, while travelling on autos and buses

#4 Do install a CC camera near your house or apartment

#5 CCTV cameras can not only prevent crime, but can also help crack down on crime

Visakhapatnam City Police Commissioner, Manish Kumar Sinha IPS, and the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Crime, Surya Sravan Kumar, will closely be monitoring the all the measures being taken over the festive holidays.

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