China dispatched four warships near Alaska last month. The US Coast Guard claims they remained outside America’s territorial waters. Was Beijing sending a message to Washington ahead of the QUAD summit? Palki Sharma tells you.

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30 Replies to “Gravitas: Chinese warships near Alaska”

  1. The US and our military are wholly owned by China now. Trump unconditionally surrendered our country to China in November 2020, and handed the keys of America to China's selected keeper, Biden. Trump and Biden are both traitors, and we are suffering the consequences of NOT prosecuting our traitors, and allowing them to remain. Oh well, it was a good run for America, and now the world will enjoy the pleasure of suffering under Chinese communist rule, because Americans allowed traitors to rule our country for decades.

    I expect the US military will attack both Taiwan and Philippines, on behalf of China. The world will be completely confused as what to do, as it is unthinkable that the world would stand against the combined might of China and the USA. The only consolation is that maybe the US traitors will be netted up by the citizens of America, and face their deserved fate. But for the rest of the world, it will be pure H3LL.

  2. Biden won't do anything about China. America owes a lot of money to China. America only fights against weaker countries. China helped Biden steal an election. Biden wants to turn American workers into low-wage, Chinese workers. Biden is weak, corrupt and pathetic.
    Good luck Taiwan!

  3. The United States gambled on the hope that China would become a democracy if America enabled them economically and give their people a taste of capitalism. Unfortunately, this backfired and the result was a communist China with money to build their military and infrastructure. They essentially threw away an opportunity to be a true world leader instead of a world bully.

  4. China wants WORLD DOMINATION & free speaking countries NEED to come together to enforce a statement that CHINA WILL NOT WIN, as others like there leader has tried in the past, HITLER being one of them…..REX (UK)

  5. Funny Indian
    India has room to talk? Taiwan is China's internal affair! Unlike Nepal and Bhutan; both are sovereign countries and they are under military control forced upon them by India!

  6. What China, Russia and the Middle East don't understand is God is our wall and protector. But this is being done so they will see God is real and He loves His children and will protect them and they WILL KNOW GOD ID GOD.

  7. Tsk, cheap chinese philosophy. Like saying “the SCS is ours like Alaska is yours”
    But you’re WRONG CCP. Alaska was legally sold to the US.
    You are stealing the SCS claiming its yours on unclear and vague but most importantly illegally and rejected by the UN ‘historical claims’

    It’s China being a hegemon. The US wants none if the SCS. The CCP do.

  8. Stop your ambition for world domination, China. I guarantee you cannot do or attain it. The best thing for you to do is solve your country's domestic problems. Your country is suffering from the effects of terrible natural disasters. Attend to those problems. Your people are suffering and dying. Be at peace with the world and make your people and yourself happy. Forget war!

  9. china has antique weapons, who cares about their mach 2 hypersonic missiles, they have to deploy them first, unfortunatly f-35's are now beinging retrofitted with CERN lasers, go look that up, its not fantasy, its fact

  10. put the uss zumwalt out there along with the uss independance, both stealth ships, both capable of 80knots speed, one has twin railguns, and 4 high energy lasers, the other can unleash more firepower than all the ordinance than used by axis and allies during ww2, thats the zumwalt.

  11. Regardless of China's judicial sovereignty, USA always try to interfere in China's internal affairs, or try to get interests in the name of democracy, freedom, justice, human right or any high-sounding excuse. The most hooligan two USA political parties on the earth! ALL countries bullied by USA should stand up and Fight back!

  12. u know china i have the strongest milltery and they can produce weapons and nukes in very very fast only thing they need is a working design and that is there. Also note that they have a ton more than America oil reserves to sustain them to years so no country can win against china unless there's a coup in the Chinese military and also now isis k pose a much threat so i think more focus from both countries will be added to there

  13. China's navy does not make port calls, like the greatest navy in the world does, the US Navy let's it's sailors do liberty calls, see the problem Chi-com has?

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