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Last Christmas, when ministers hastily promised five days of festive family gatherings while a new variant was accelerated, Boris johnson He held out until the last hours until he bowed to the inevitable and canceled Christmas.

Despite the increase in cases in Europe and new restrictions on the continent, ministers have been optimistic about going ahead with Christmas gatherings this year. Cabinet ministers have already sent out invitations for Christmas drinks.

No 10 has been encouraged that a concerted push for the booster vaccine program has seen an increase in uptake and, although the number of cases remains high, deaths and hospitalizations remain roughly stable by the vaccination program, although they are in higher numbers than in many countries. tolerate.

Some scientists have warned that people should postpone their plans for Christmas, but caution is not a word you hear very often from ministers.

Johnson has always covered his comments when asked about Christmas, about once a week, with the caveat that the new variants could derail plans. Now the worst news has come from South Africa: a variant has emerged that is feared to be more transmissible than others and has the potential to evade immunity.

This time, No. 10 has moved quickly to place the South Africa on the red list since noon on Friday, along with Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana, Eswatini and Zimbabwe. The Whitehall sources speak in dire terms about the threat posed by the variant, saying it is the gravest threat to the UK vaccine program they have seen.

However, despite swift action, the UK has recently drastically lowered its guard against the threat of new variants. All countries had been removed from the red list and the government now allows travelers to undergo a lateral flow test on the second day when they return from abroad, although those who test positive are asked to also have a PCR.

But because lateral flow tests are done at home and then thrown away, rather than analyzed in a lab, it means there is a delay in sequencing potential new variants and determining their origin.

It’s too early to make a call about the great threat the variant poses to Christmas plans. But it will be a blow to more than 100,000 South Africans living in the UK, who stayed away from family for most of the pandemic and for whom travel had only recently opened up.

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