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Pavitra Sangam-The Confluence of The Krishna & Godavari Rivers

Pavitra Sangam-The Confluence of The Krishna & Godavari Rivers at Ibrahimpatnam near Vijayawada is the realization of a  dream. A dream our CM, Mr.Naidu had seen and brought to reality. The interlinking of the two rivers came to fruition with almost 2400 cusecs of Godavari water. It reaches the Ferry and moves towards the Prakasam barrage.


Holy Water

The water had to travel 174 km from Pattiseema to reach the Prakasam barrage. The Pavitra Sangamam Ghat where Godavari river water joins Krishna was the special attraction for the Krishna Pushkaralu. I have already covered the Pushkaralu Krishna Pushkaralu-2016 here.

Chief Minister Naidu says that the government could save crops worth Rs. 2,500 crore by linking the Krishna and the Godavari. The government acquired 18 acres and diverted 8.8 tmcft of water from the Godavari to the Krishna. The government would interlink all rivers, tanks, and drains in the future.

Pavitra Sangam or The Pure Confluence of The Krishna and Godavari rivers

The Krishna Pushkaralu inauguration was kick-started by Harati in the early hours of August 12, followed by fireworks. I avoid crowds and didn’t venture out during the 12 days of Pushkaralu. This Harati has been continued and I went to watch it live later with my friends.

Although the confluence is man-made and the Harati spot too is no religious spot. But yet, evokes awe, devotion, and calmness in the mind. I chanced to visit it again and I thought I would be bored but I sat through the Harati again spellbound. I am not a very religious person but I know when I sense divine intervention and I did feel it was a heavenly experience.

Pavitra Sangam-The Confluence of The Krishna & Godavari Rivers-Harati

For those who want to visit, the Harati takes place at the confluence or Sangam. If you reach 30 minutes earlier then you can see the red waters of the Godavari. It merges with the brown of the Krishna. Harati starts at exactly 18.50 and ends at 19.20.

If you are going in a group then you can easily carry a picnic basket full of goodies. There are steps to sit and watch the Harati taking place. The parking is close by which makes it easy to take the elders in the family too along with you.

Pavitra Sangam-The Confluence of The Krishna & Godavari Rivers has become a must-visit place on the Vijayawada tourist map.


My Friends with a picnic basket
























































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