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Xi Jinping in Tibet, on Arunachal border

Canada police atrocity

Taliban dictate terms: for peace, Afhan president must go

U.K. Pingdemic

The cost of Olympics

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38 Replies to “Gravitas Live With Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Xi Jinping in Tibet, on Arunachal border | English News”

  1. Gravitas is very biased, the news the views and especially the presenter. I have been watching for a while before I have come to this conclusion. Not worth subscribing to

  2. Why is this cops always kneel on the neck of people they arrest. F-ing A-holes. You could drag them but don't kneel on the neck of these people you are arresting, you might get them killed.

  3. Wow so all this is India's fault for not having the balls to stand up to china back in the 1950s. How much did the PM of India get from China?

  4. Ms Palki. I regularly watch you news at 9pm Mon Fri. You are my favourite news reader and hv recommended to many of my friends to watch. Of late say since a month I am disturbed with your news reading. The reason being, many mistakes being committed while fast tracking your monologue delivery. Please avoid committing such mistakes so that I kind of ppl to continue watching wion news

  5. If India and America want to tackle China pak and Afghan issue together then they shall work to free Tibet. This will tackle many issues in Asia including Taiwan. It will be check mate position for China.

  6. Xi Jinping The Chinese Charlie Brown is NOT a god… just a SHE… a poor actor/director/producer of terror and president- builder of tofu-drag projects.

  7. Strengthen the border and give them a befitting reply .use all defences capability to teach china a lesson . If India strike china will surely split into different seperate states which all country desire.

  8. If xi jing ping is so sure of Tibetan peoples…he should explain why such large numbers of Tibetans are living in India and not returning to Tibet under chinese control?
    For long chinese have diluted Tibetan left in tibet with han chinese.
    And then there is always artists presents.

  9. Indian politicians should wake up from the slumber and stop freebies and encourage the people to be a part of Indian milliterry services actively nence security of country can be taken care and aswell employment in form of deployment for some years each individual Indian

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