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– Easyhealth raises $135M to redesign Medicare with its end-to-end Medicare experience to help 50 million Medicare members find the best plan and support them through their healthcare journey.

EasyHealth, an LA-based company connecting coverage and care with an end-to-end Medicare experience, today announced it has raised $135M in equity and debt funding to further its mission to improve health outcomes for Medicare members by connecting coverage and care. Funding was co-led by Anthemis Group and QED Investors and included Victory Park Capital, Nationwide Ventures, Healthy Ventures, Brewer Lane, and Operator Partners.

Redesigning The Medicare Experience

Healthcare is fragmented and broken. Gaps in data and weak relationships between agents, members, plans, and providers limit collaboration and innovation. Poor communication and outdated systems have led to high costs and ineffective care. To fix this, EasyHealth was founded in 2020 with the mission of redesigning the Medicare Experience around people and data. EasyHealth’s platform uses AI to close information gaps, drive better health engagement, and detect health risks earlier, delivering dramatically more value to members and plans.

EasyHealth is the first platform to truly connect health coverage and care. The company’s unique relationships with leading health plans enable them to integrate care navigation into the enrollment process. To identify potential chronic conditions and surface vital insights that enable plans and providers to personalize care, EasyHealth’s proprietary health risk analytics engine ingests and scans disparate historical medical records using deep learning. For plans, the implications for risk adjustment, STARS, HEDIS, CAHPS, are profound. For members, the benefit is clear; better, more affordable care.

Improved Medicare Plan Performance

By allowing independent insurance agencies to leverage the EasyHealth Platform alongside EasyHealth’s own agents, EasyHealth’s End-to-End Medicare Experience has rapidly scaled to help more Medicare beneficiaries. The EasyHealth end-to-end model supercharges growth for agency growth by expanding the value agents can deliver to customers and improving member retention. This is a powerful flywheel, as more engaged members improve plan performance, and higher lifetime value can be reinvested in growth.

“EasyHealth’s mission is to harness technology to deliver better health outcomes. We use our position at the front door of Medicare to drive meaningful change for members, brokers, and health plans,” said David Duel, co-founder & CEO of EasyHealth. “We have assembled a proven executive team with deep insurance, Medicare, and medical experience in order to deliver a disruptive end-to-end experience that improves member health outcomes and health plan retention.”

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