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No matter how great the desire, a couple’s sexual preferences don’t always match. One loves to have sex in the morning, the other at night. One wants to hear swear words, the other prefers affectionate phrases whispered in the ear. The differences end up generating frustration and discomfort.

Afraid of the judgment of others, men and women do not experience what their partner wants, remaining trivial. We listed the main situations of sexual incompatibilities below and offered some tips to overcome them.

Quality AND Quantity


In this age group, boys prefer quantity because of the need to show power and virility. In mature age, males tend to want more quality in relationships, not least because erections need a longer interval to repeat themselves. On the other hand, orgasms are more pleasurable.

Most women are more concerned about quality sex. A man can be sexually satisfied by having sex once or twice a day, even if the relationship lasts, in total, 3 or 4 minutes.

Tip: quantity is quantity, but the quality is always subjective. It’s up to the couple, then decide what is good –in both camps– and find a happy medium that you both are satisfied with. Then, open up the game and talk.

Affection X vigor


Many women like stronger footprints. However, the man needs to be tactful when the partner is a little more repressed or prefers delicacy, as she may not be open to more intense touch.

Vigorously caressing female genitals and breasts are not always well accepted, as they sometimes hurt. Individuals’ preferences have to do with men’s instincts being broncos, women being meigas, and the first sexual experiences.

Tip: playing role reversal, imitating each other’s touches, can yield quite a bit of learning about your partner’s body, as well as a good massage and masturbation session. Don’t be afraid to say that you prefer the touch to be stronger or softer. If that’s what you want, speak up.

Morning Vs. night


Without a doubt, the period after waking up is the most conducive to a sexual relationship. For a man, 8 am is the peak of blood testosterone, so he is more likely to have good sex with a strong erection and orgasm. For women, testosterone peaks at night. In addition, there is a romantic belief – which has developed over the centuries – that the night is the best time for sex.

The point is that, nowadays, bedtime passes midnight, after a long 16 or 18 hours of activities, work, and chores, with physical and emotional fatigue. For couples with small children, the routine is even more tiring, which reduces the desire to have sex at night.

Tip: even with the female nocturnal hormonal peak, in the morning, the couple, in general, is more rested. If you don’t have a time commitment, it’s worth investing in some hot moments (even if brief) and ensuring a good mood for the whole day.


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