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It’s finally here!

The cover of my book, LIKING MYSELF BACK, has officially gone live at retailers across the internet {see bottom of post}. I will continue to add to this list as our additional retailers become available!

I cannot wait to share more about this journey with you all and I’ll be sharing tour information as soon as it is available!

The book will officially release May 3, 2021.


Entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer Jacey Duprie shares her inspiring journey of going from farm girl to fashion icon and her lessons about personal growth and self-made success.

With millions of followers and a thriving lifestyle brand, Damsel in Dior,  Jacey Duprie is one of today’s top fashion influencers. Her beautiful Instagram photos capture a life of glamour, luxury and elegance. But Jacey’s life offline has been far from perfect.

In this candid memoir, Jacey reveals that behind her gorgeously curated photos was a woman struggling with deep insecurities. She shares intimate details of a difficult childhood growing up in rural Texas with an alcoholic father and her own battles with PTSD and mental health. Through resilience, hard work and self-reflection, Jacey eventually triumphed to become the strong, empowered woman she is today.

In Liking Myself Back, Jacey takes readers behind the scenes into the seductive world of fashion and influencing, and reveals how she overcame hardship to achieve her dreams. With raw emotional honesty, Jacey shows that conquering self-doubt and embracing your imperfect, authentic self is not only possible, but is the true key to happiness.



xoxo jacey

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!