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*This is intended as a comprehensive list of TRUSTWORTHY resources available online on intelligence testing. If you think something should be here and it isnt, hit me up. The list will be a work in progress for a while and im pretty sure im missing a lot as of 11/2/20*

The older and current generations of ability testing are theoretically based on the g factor theory, the Gc+Gf theory and/or the Cattell-Horn-Carroll model of intelligence. Which means they are trying to measure ‘g’*, the ‘general’ factor of intelligence, through one or more ‘broad’ factors of intelligence, which are mainly Gc and Gf, but often times Gs is included(case of a test with strict time limits, for instance), or Gq(quantitative) in case of numerical items and so on. The result you get is always an attempt at gauging general intelligence and it is given in relation to others that have taken the same test(see Standard Score).

*******thats a very simplistic understanding

At some point it becomes stupid trying to set a single number for yourself and others. Take enough tests you will have better and worse results. Most will fall within a range: thats where you are. Pondering whether youre actually more of an 135 or 145 is pointless, different tests will yield different results.

Most of the time neither. Results vary. Just because someone that has gotten 150 on TRI gets 140 on ICAR60 that doesnt mean the ICAR is deflated by ten points. All it means is that dude scored top 0.05 percentile on one test and 0.5 percentile on the other. Makes no sense to talk about inflation/deflation regarding anything thats been properly normed on an able population. Theres no voodoo magic or lies when calculating results, its math. And he overall bar set on selecting the following tests is high.

Overall legends

® – strong research background/scientific validation

$ – GOLD STANDARD: as good as it gets really, unless you get proctored the WAIS or the woodpenis-penis.

ƒ – House favories

¥ – since verbal only tests are a rarity imma mark them with a little v with a tail wearing two stripes.

(fsiq) – same with test that have BOTH verbals and nonverbals

Tests without any such designations are strictly nonverbal. Tests with both present have 2 or more standalone parts that can be taken separately or together(for a full scale assessment).



  1. there a two categories here present. First, there are the tests normed online likeiqtest.dk, .no, .fi. Those selected to be posted here are good ones, still they suffer from restriction of range to a degree and are not general population-like samples. People that take these tests online are slightly above the mean on average and have, in general, taken other matrice tests, further enhancing performance. That is not to say the norms are bad, they arent. But should be seen in general as ‘accurate-to-slightly-deflated’ IME. Second, there are the ‘range’ type of norms that only tell you if you would make into mensa or not. These are also accurate to a degree IME. Good chances means > 130.

  2. If youre looking for real mensa tests, try theFRTand theCFITscales at thePRO TESTsection.

  3. ceiling is 125 so dont get surprised by the result once you get it, test be nice and adaptive tho.

  4. these are the tests constructs. Verbal Ability Index is scored without the math section, Crystallized-Educational Index with.


(fsiq)] Self-scoring IQ Tests by Victor SerebriakoffTwo self-scoring FSIQ tests with verbal(en), spatial and numerical parts. Norms are good, you can trust.link
Psy-Q Raven’s like testOne matrix reasoning test normed on an internet sample of 400 people.link


(all pro test are ®strong scientific validation by definition)

TONI 2 FORM ASpain’s 2002(?). 3 SD ceiling.link
Ravens 2: two sessions.Study links at the wikishort form / long form
[$] BETA IIISpain 2000’s. Ceiling around 3.5 SD.link
[$ ƒ] D48 & D70Spain 2000’s. Ceiling around 3 SDlink
[$ ƒ (fsiq)] Shipley 2US’s original manual. Date(?). Thanks u/hipoethicallink
[ƒ] CFIT SCALE 3 FORM A & BSpain, 2009. Ceiling so so highlink
CFIT SCALE 2 A & BSpain, 2009.link
K-bit Matrix SubtestSpain, 2000’s manual. Ceiling between 2-2.5 SD. Thanks u/hipoethicallink
Test of Primary Mental Abilities(PMA)Portugal 1990. Ceiling around 2-3 SD depending on subtest.link
[(fsiq)] Wonderlicswonderlic.comlink
Ravens Advanced Progressive Matrices(APM)to be updatedlink
FRT FORM A*see linklink
TIG-2Spain 2010’s, ceiling around 4 SDs.link
G-36 & G-38 & r-1Brasil 2000’s and 90’s, ceiling between 2 to 3 SDs.link
WMT & TI & TIG-NVBrasil 2000’s and 90’s, ceiling between 2 to 3 SDs.link
[$] Weschler Nonverbal(WNV) Matrix ReasoningN/Alink
RAIT MANUALonly the manual, not the forms. Thanks u/MethylEightlink

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