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#Kolkata: Night temperature below 20 degrees in Kolkata (Kolkata Weather update). After six days, the minimum temperature in Kolkata dropped below normal. The wind in the north returned to the city in winter. Meteorologists say that there will be a pleasant environment in Bengal for another three or four days.

Besides, meteorologists estimate that the night temperature will remain below normal even if the day temperature rises slightly.

Today, the minimum temperature in Kolkata will be 16.8 degrees Celsius. 1 degree below normal. Earlier, the temperature in Kolkata was below normal on November 10. The temperature that day was 19.6 degrees Celsius. The daytime temperature rose slightly to 29 degrees Celsius yesterday afternoon, which is at least 1 ° below normal.

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The weather office says the weather could change after Friday. Low pressure in the Bay of Bengal Andhra Pradesh is moving towards the coast of Tamil Nadu. This will increase the effect of Pubali wind once more on weekends. Water vapor will enter from the sea.

Note that at the moment there is one depression in the Bay of Bengal and another in the Arabian Sea. The depression in the south-east Bay of Bengal will gradually move westwards and will be in the west central and southwest Bay of Bengal tomorrow. The depression will reach the coast of northern Andhra Pradesh and northern Tamil Nadu on Thursday.

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The other depression is located off the coast of Karnataka in the East-Central Arabian Sea. It will be stronger in the next 48 hours. These two axes are from the low pressure area off the coast of Karnataka. A vortex has formed in this area. From the vortex an axis extends to Konkan which passes over Maharashtra Goa. The other axis extends to the south-east Bay of Bengal.

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