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Between seasons 1 and 2, ‘Batwoman’ was created without Rose despite her star power. She was ultimately replaced by a whole new character, Ryan Wilder. Later in the season, the role of Kate Kane was recast to wrap up any loose ends, but Rose’s involvement with the show had come to an end. Rumours swirled that Rose would be leaving the company owing to problems behind the scenes at the time. While she eventually did confirm her departure from the show, it now turns out that it was WB who fired her first.

Highlights —

  • Ruby Rose mistreatment allegations on WB are much more than imagined
  • Fired after Ruby Rose alleges terrible treatment

Ruby Rose mistreatment allegations on WB are much more than imagined

Rose has finally spoken up about her time as ‘Batwoman’ on social media, posting a lengthy rambling on Instagram. In a series of postings, the actress lays out the charges she has against former Warner Bros. Television Studios president Peter Roth and other coworkers and executives. “Dear CW […] enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set”, she said. 

Rose blamed the show’s producers for her numerous injuries, including a broken rib that necessitated surgery because she was told an X-ray would interfere with filming. On top of that, she singled out Arrowverse showrunners Greg Berlanti and Caroline Dries for praise. This includes Roth’s sexual misbehaviour and terrible maltreatment of the crew on set, with the actress stating she has enough video footage of her injuries for a “one-hour documentary”. Roth has denied these allegations.

A video of Rose’s surgery was shared on social media, and the actress revealed that following the procedure, Roth made her return to work on ‘Batwoman’ just 10 days later. To get Rose back on set, the studio’s boss threatened her, saying she would cost the production “millions” and threatened “to fire the entire crew and actors”.

Allegedly, according to Rose, a ‘Batwoman’ crew member was burned to a third-degree across his entire body while filming, and witnesses should have had “treatment” as a result. The show also lost two stunt doubles during filming. Rose went on to accuse the show of ruining Kate Kane because of its unsafe working environment and the resulting significant injuries it caused to other staff members.

Ruby Rose mistreatment allegations on WB
Ruby Rose mistreatment allegations on WB

The actress also alleges that her rumoured conflicts with other cast members occurred because she spoke up about her personal experiences at work. To top it all off, according to Rose, ‘Batwoman’ production continued even as other CW shows like ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ were placed on hold during the height of the Covid restrictions.

Fired after Ruby Rose alleges terrible treatment

When the ‘Supergirl’ actress was hurt on the set of The CW’s ‘Batwoman’, Ruby Rose alleges terrible treatment by WB. Rose said in an Instagram story that she was replaced after undergoing surgery for two herniated discs. Rose lamented, “They destroyed Kate Kane and ‘Batwoman’, not me. I followed orders, and if I wanted to stay I was going to have to sign my rights away. Any threats, any bullying tactics, or blackmail will not make me stand down”.

According to a statement released by Warner Bros. Television Group on Wednesday, Rose was terminated after receiving many complaints regarding her behaviour. WBTV said that despite the revisionist history, it had decided not to use its option to engage Ruby for season two of ‘Batwoman’ because of multiple complaints about workplace behaviour that were thoroughly reviewed and handled privately out of reverence for all concerned.

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This information was provided by a ‘Batwoman’ Production Assistant who spoke extensively with CBR regarding Ruby Rose’s behaviour on production. Camrus Johnson has stated the following concerning Rose’s allegations:

“Yea fam, she was fired. And it is VERY hard to be fired when you’re the lead. Imagine what you have to do for that 2 happen.”

So, Rose didn’t leave, she was fired, and her PA, Alexander J. Baxter, explains why. Baxter accuses Rose of the following, among other things:


For the most part, Rose ignored or yelled at any crew members who weren’t big players on set. She regarded them as though they were beneath her.


Rose never expressed gratitude to anyone and instead “just made demands that left us all emotionally and physically tired. This made the PA consider leaving the industry because she was such a dictator.


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Baxter claims that Rose’s pals disclosed to her that the days where she was eight hours late to set correlated with times she had previously been out partying, contrary to Rose’s assertions that her ailments hinder her from working. She didn’t always know her lines by heart.


Baxter held a door open for Rose in the bitter cold as she bumped into it and split her dinner. She said nothing but “Well?” while waiting for the PA to come and clean it up.

Her article that blamed the production infuriated him because, having been there, he did not want to stand by and watch her badmouth the same business they had a run-in with earlier in 2021. He further goes on to address that no one has the right to be harsh, no matter how horrible one’s day has been. He concluded that “her reign of terror began in Season 1”.

It seems clear enough that Ruby Rose has been fired from her role as ‘Batwoman’. And if there were any chances of her getting back on set at all, that reality seems bleak too. Her truth has not only taken away every chance she could’ve had to be invited back as her former role, but her status in Hollywood has possibly gone from hot to a big fat not.

What are your thoughts on this Rose-WB mess? Who do you support in this controversy? Let us know in the comment section below.

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