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What a way to meet the one and only Superstar!

What luck!

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Vincent Zurzolo and his partner, Josephine, became friends with Superstar actor Molly Shannon when they accidentally found her phone in the back of a New York City cab.

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The couple explained how it happened when they shared a video on Instagram earlier this week.

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“So, Josephine and I are coming home from New York Comic Con, and a phone starts ringing in the back of the cab,” Zurzolo explained.

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“We pick it up and eventually find out whose phone it is,” he continued. “And we get a phone call from someone who’s very nervous that they’ve lost their phone, and look whose phone it is.”

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Zurzolo then panned the camera over to Shannon, who struck her iconic Superstar pose.

“This has never happened to me because I’m very reliable with my phone,” she explained. “But it must have slipped out of my purse, and I was panicking.”

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“I got back to my hotel, and I did the ‘Find My iPhone,’ and I’m seeing my phone on like 33rd Street, and I’m like, I’m never gonna get it back.”

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But thanks to Zurzolo and Josephine, she reunited with her phone in record time.

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“I said it’s very serendipitous that we all meet,” she gushed.

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“Then, I let her know that we’re swingers and she’s staying the night,” Zurzolo joked.

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“Yeah,” Shannon hilariously added. “But it all worked out great. Happy Sunday.”

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Who says all New Yorkers are mean? There truly are some great people out there!

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