US President Joe Biden revealed that Washington has a deal with the Taliban. Biden says the US has an agreement that the Taliban will allow Americans to leave Afghanistan. In yet another attempt to defend America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, US president Joe Biden also rejected criticism of his handling of the chaotic pullout.

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31 Replies to “US President Joe Biden reveals, America has a deal with the Taliban | Secret Deal | Afghanistan”

  1. You're something else bud you're not my commander in chief if he is going to pull everybody out of there like that you should have done it strategically not told everybody hey this is what we're doing and then just did it hundreds of people died trying to hang on there airplanes I hope those people haunt you your old incompetent ass as I say again you are not my commander in chief

  2. Biden be like
    "Look, we gave you are military stuff. Dont kill us."
    great deal biden yep. They have high tech military stuff, definitely not going to murder anyone anymore noooooooope.

  3. Afghanistan would not allow access to its rare earth mineral resources, wanted desperately by China, Russia and the US. The Taliban would, but couldn't take them without more resources. THAT is why the administration left so many weapons and are now in negotiations with the Taliban (for THOSE resources). This is the real story. Follow the money.

  4. If you give 5 bucks to a terrorist you would be charged criminally. Biden gave them billions. Yet lives free and in a mansion with armed guards at.our expense. Just think about that double standard.

  5. Biden has just armed our enemies with 84 billion taxpayer dollars worth of war machines. He left Americans stuck in that country to be killed, never has anyone aided the enemy so blatantly. Yet nothing is done about him. He has betrayed America and all Americans live so the entire world can see his incompetence. He should not only be impeached and removed from office but tried for aiding our enemies.

  6. August 7, 2021: The State Department tells every American in Afghanistan to leave immediately.

    August 31, 2021: Biden begins withdrawing America troops.

    That gave every American citizen crazy enough to still be in Afghanistan three weeks to leave. The State Department issued a travel advisory before April 27 that said Americans should not travel to Afghanistan. That means do not travel to Afghanistan AND it is not safe to STAY in Afghanistan.

    “Several hundred American citizens in Afghanistan still haven’t decided whether they want to leave despite an “ongoing aggressive outreach campaign” and the fast-approaching withdrawal deadline for US forces of August 31, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said Friday.” – USA Today, August 27, 2021

  7. What a shock, even USA the most powerful country then under the leadership of president Joe Biden USA has to bow down under the feet of Taliban (the terrorist).. What an upside-down !!!! Joe Biden ???????

  8. This taliban will be cause trouble for many countries that US hates, US controls taliban and when taliban causes any harm US's qmexcuse will be "oh look the killed our soldiers, they are crazy we can't control them."

  9. Look what Sleepy Joe have done to this country and its people.. If Joe Biden wasnt born in this world, this world will be soo much better and peacefull then this.. Why did Satan bring Joe Biden along with him in this world, this is the greatest mistake Satan have done so far

  10. Biden ignored his own generals, telling the Afghan president to lie, deserted Americans and American collaborators to their unknown fate, generously gifted billions of dollars in cash, billions of dollars in sophisticated weaponry, gave the Taliban many names to hunt down, claims that America now has leverage (is this a comedy routine?), Biden said that the Taliban wouldn't be game to go up against such a well-trained, well-equipped force that was the Afghan Army???🤔
    This is just a few of the things that Joe did do, AND didn't do! But, apart all that, didn't Joe do a sterling job!!!! 😂🤣😅🤔🤔🤣

  11. Y’all are really dumb lmao. Idk about you, but I think the taliban and the US working together against the ISIS is better than the US vs the ISIS and Taliban. Look at the Kabul airport attack, no one is getting out of Afghanistan if the taliban and ISIS form a coalition to kill the remaining US soldiers. Without this negotiatio, the Kabul attack would’ve been much worse, and probably would have been followed with even more attacks

  12. Of COURSE the US military had a deal with the Taliban – from the very beginning two decades ago. "You fight us and we fight you, that way we both get to do what we most love doing – killing and destroying – and civilians pay for it all. And let's throw in a good measure of mutual paranoia and vengefulness to spice it all up." Everything else is a convenient excuse, like "I felt threatened" before someone shoots someone else over a parking space. That's what all wars are about. Modern Americans are so ignorant of basic psychology and history they're like children.

  13. America superpower of the world bends to the taliban because America is weak and is terrified of the Taliban they have to make deal with these people to get Americans no use your military power to show them your not a scared little boy

  14. Biden is working with the Talibans terrorrist, n he is a friend to Buhari, which means there is trouble, when I was saying this, pple where talking nonsense and rubbishing Trump, just like dey did to Jonathan n now they are regretting it now, una go know say Jonathan is Trump of NIGERIA n Trump is Jonathan of America, they have just driven away their Messiah, American's go hear wehn, Dem too go get sense by force when the heat go really start.. even the Talibans terrorrist don enter Nigeria since n joined forces with the fulanis, that's the disaster we created with our over Sabi and over education of the elders, that we have in Nigeria.. fuel price will soon be 400 per liter which means inflation will be terrible this time. That's the over education of our elders who were praising Buhari. Make Dem survive now na wahala, dey have all disappeared. I nodey see Dem again,, things go worst by next year, na God go just save NIGERIA with wettin Biden dey pull so n him n una president Buhari na padi padi, God dey

  15. This all part of the script ; Use Biden to start implementing the plans the establishment wants while trying to keep his demented ass in power for as long as possible until he becomes so unpopular they change the guard and put Harris in his place. Unfortunately for the establishment Biden's shelf life is so limited they are going to have to begin phase two much sooner than they anticipated. Biden is gone within the year.

  16. Now the US says it will take revenge. Who knows how many more innocent Afghans they will kill. It is very clear that the USA wants to leave a mess, a mess behind it. Otherwise, would he have released the Taliban leader, who was arrested years ago and imprisoned in the UAE! Would he have come out of there in a hurry, knowing what was going to happen!” “The intention is very clear. He wants instability in the heart of Asia. And now he's asking her for help against the ISIS he created. I have a piece of advice to those who run the USA. If you are going to wage a fight against ISIS in Afghanistan, get your dirty and bloody hands off Turkey and your NATO allies. There is a PKK army that you haven't been able to praise for years and that you have established to fight against ISIS. You call it YPG. Take them to Afghanistan. Let your feeding heroes fight there. Think from the collar of our innocent children."

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