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The collision between a helicopter and a small plane near Phoenix Airport in Arizona crashed the helicopter in the field. In this plane accident, two people were killed, and the aircraft landed safely, and the flight instructor and trainee pilot on board were not injured.

Police Sergent Jason MoLemons stated that the accident happened on Friday in the city of Chandler. He said that no one was injured on land, but the airport was closed for hours. The fire brigade department of Chandler got information about the accident near the airport at 8 am.

Officers said that after the accident helicopter caught fire, but soon it was bought under control.

The fire brigade workers pulled out two dead bodies from the wreck. Dead bodies are sent to Maricopa County’s medical examination for identification. According to McLemon’s of Chandler police, the plane was operated by ‘Flight operation academy, and the helicopter was under the control of Quantum Helicopter. Both flights are training in school.

The owner of Flight Operation Academy, Richard Bengoa, said that the four-seater aircraft are used for training.

Only two people were on the plane during the accident. National Transport Safety Board will investigate the cause of an accident.

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