After defaulting on orders worth millions of dollars, Adar Poonawalla now says ‘capacity cannot be expanded overnight’. Why did he make promises that were impossible to keep? WION’s Palki unmasks the man behind the facade of ‘Vaccine Prince’.

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23 Replies to “Gravitas: India's Vaccine Prince unmasked”

  1. Government wanted unachievable things from him, they wanted to fire gun placing it on his shoulder, and when when he disagreed, suddenly he became the villain. Who told goi to donate vaccine in foreign countries when they couldn't even ensure vaccine for everybody in India frist? Goi wanted to do business keeping him in front of the shop!!

  2. 👎👎👎Probably you're confused between serum & semen. Semen is something which can be delivered in multiple gallons in a populous country like India, all that's required is the slightest hint of stimulation. Unfortunately it's not so easy with manufacturing vaccines in abnormal quantities within unrealistic time frames. What was the government with it's over-bloated Ministries & Bureaucracy doing?? Running Poll-related simulation programs, clashing Cymbals/pots & pans and lighting Diyas & Mobile torches?? What about medical contingency planning?? Isn't it any Government's responsibility?? Your Channel appears to have received some solid funding advertisements or otherwise for you to be holding a brief for the Government so Brazzenly.

  3. Nonsense. Why invest in only one serum company and that too a private company when we have more than 2 such companies only in Tamilnadu (for which the Union Government has not given permission 🤔).

  4. Serum institute's profit is 2000% per vaccine there is a must read article in " Intercept " and the press is shielding him and Modi / BJP government. "INDIA’S VACCINE MAKERS ARE PANDEMIC PROFITEERS, NOT HUMANITARIANS". Even the massive profiteers like Pfizer and Moderna has profit margin of only 500- 650%. With price control in India why is Modi paying him so much?

  5. I guess what this presenter is saying is this gentleman has got Aladdin’s lamp & he refused to use it & increase his vaccine numbers magically.

  6. So there's no accountability in the news of the delay in placing order by govt?
    Yes, you are a pro govt channel and it seems good to listen to positive news for a change and especially the aggresive stance against a communist china,

    but targeting a businessman for the late actions of the govt is unfair and uncalled for. Get your facts right before trying to bring some sensational news and scapegoating a hard working business person

  7. Governments fault for depending on one person /company to provide such huge quantities of vaccine. Should have modified at least 20 vaccine factories for Covid vaccine production. Could have appointed Poonawala as Group Ceo and made him a super rich man for his service to the country.

  8. India is country with hero worship that’s where we go wrong their is NO ONE HERO their is potential in all to show up for the cause. Why only this person we need to look upto!! Why can’t other people set up similar capabilities. I hope Tata can step up!!

  9. A rare case where I disliked a wion video..
    Seems like a funded show to disrepute Mr. Poonawala
    Give him some breathe
    Do you think it's an easy task for him considering the dirty indian politics..

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