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In this episode the team talks about the latest GP appointment data and what it tells us about exactly how hard general practice is working. They ask, is the government starting to recognise the important role general practice plays? And also take a look at new government legislation around pay transparency in general practice.

In our interview this week Emma speaks to Dr Rebecca Rosen, a GP in London and senior fellow at health think tank the Nuffield Trust, about continuity care. We discuss what GPs and their teams can do if they want to increase levels of continuity of care in their practice.

And finally our regular good news spot looks at a social media campaign where patients showed their support for their GP.

This episode is presented by GPonline editor Emma Bower who is joined by our news editor Nick Bostock and senior reporter Luke Haynes. It was produced by Czarina Deen.

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!