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#Kolkata: In the midst of Pujo, the enforcement branch of Kolkata Police is catching one crime after another outside the city of Kolkata. During Pujo, people eat spicy food. Do not notice what you are eating! And just at that time, the detectives of enforcement have confiscated crores of rupees worth of fake spices.

On the morning of October 1, police recovered fake black cumin and fake coriander. Detectives continue to raid various places based on that information. Police arrested a counterfeit coriander trader from Belgharia area on the night of October 8. What is this fake coriander? This fake coriander is to prepare spoiled gray, black coriander with carbide and yellow coriander as shiny coriander. For example, first the carbide is lightly mixed with coriander and then washed by burning carbide in the house, the windowless house is closed and the bad coriander is left for seven to eight hours. The black spot on the top of the coriander goes away. Then it is sprayed with yellow paint and made yellow.

Ordinary people are eating that shiny coriander in the market. Professor Prashant Biswas, a researcher at Jadavpur University, said, “This coriander contains a lot of fungus. The toxins that are made from that fungus cause cancer when they enter the human body. There are also chemical disadvantages of carbide in the human body. With industrial colors damage the human body.

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In Akrampur area of ​​Habra yesterday, according to the information given by the previously arrested platoon Saha, the enforcement officers raided the godown of Jeevan Banik and recovered 1900 kg of shiny yellow coriander. In this regard, the officer of the enforcement branch of the Kolkata Police, Yugalkishore Dam, said that the cycle of crime related to food is spreading.

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