India on Tuesday safely evacuated over 150 citizens, including diplomats from Afghanistan amid chaos following Taliban takeover. The aircraft C-17 Globemaster took off at 7 a.m. this morning.

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49 Replies to “India evacuates its diplomats from Afghanistan amid chaos | Latest News Updates | English News”

  1. Indian Govt cannot bring them back , neither Lalit Modi or Nrav Modi or Mehul Choksi or Vinay Mallya, still proud to be Indian, we also welcome Afghan and Bangladeshi and will soon declare reservations quota for them

  2. Taliban life is based on his behavior in world no one country to support to terriosam if they try to develop terriam in any other countries those country completely close taliban small army to attck kill everyone those country

  3. How can someone support taliban even I as a Muslim won’t follow cause that’s the difference between an educated human and an heretic barbarian. Let’s see what taliban does not that they have power of Afghan if they can’t do anything I’ll come back them in future to wipe them

  4. Can't they stop this garlanding welcome and just with a Namaste and smile welcome! Anyway these garlands are not noticed or preserved but immediately trashed. Unnecessary waste!

  5. India is the country that here politician let there people to die in there own country and give hospitality to who will become thret to who living in this country … pigs are havely increasing in this country…

  6. Still human has to learn a lot ! Covid 19 has not taught the world specially Indians

    Giving facility or priority to Hindus & Sikh for reparation:::::, Why others are not humans !!!

    As developing nation india must look beyond any other and be more mature and help human not taking the cast , religion , or any other!!

  7. India has already got worthwhile for their money spent in Afghanistan. They have no love for muslim Afghan by any means. Their purpose in Afghanistan was very simple – To create a second western theater for Pakistan. India fully utilized that opportunity by training, arming, recruiting, and planning terrorist attacks into Pakistan for 25 years. Pakistan is at the brink of bankruptcy in 25 years of infiltration and terrorist activity orchestrated by India from some 55 diplomatic mission offices in the rugged mountains next to Pakistan. Losing $2.5 Billion worth of charity projects are not even an issue. This much of money is stolen almost every month by politicians in India. Sure, India would love to continue to have that secured Afghanistan to continue to punish Pakistan but they have got plenty of Pakistanis (80,000) killed in these terrorist attacks where Pakistan couldn't do anything except raising a fence on the western borders.

  8. India pak should learn from US Canada. One people 2 countries peace free trade free movement. Stop blowing billions on imported arms to fight your neighbor. Look at eu, look at US Canada. Hot air bluster dont make a good economy.

  9. How come other countries has to pull out their citizens and militaries when USA 🇺🇸 said they are going home from Afghan? Please India move in immediately and deal with the Taliban boys now 🙏🏼👮👮👮

  10. I feel most established islamic governments don't want their general populace to rebel and take over their government. So Islamic country especially one such as Saudi would try their best to stop Taliban as much as they can cuz the same thing can happen to their lands. The sauds are unfavorable among the eyes of their citizens. Truth be told Taliban's are rebels of Afganistan government. What Saudi and others fear is loosing power. They wouldn't want others to influence their citizens to revolt

  11. OIC Ummah is free to take Muslims.
    Just as India is free to accept "Non Muslins" of its choice.
    India & only India will decide who will enter in India, not some so called Human rights group or UN law.

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