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To celebrate the release of Charlie Gillespie’s new movie, Runt, we invited him to chat with us over Zoom and tell us all about his first times.

Here are just a few of our fave first times Charlie told us about:


Charlie’s first on-set memory with Runt co-star Cameron Boyce happened early on during shooting and Cameron told stories about what it was like to work with Adam Sandler in Grown Ups.

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He shared, “He told me everything, every stupid little question I had. The kid had one of the biggest hearts. He was so nice to everyone around him. You can’t not leave with a little bit of inspiration from that.” 


Charlie said the first time he met his Julie and the Phantoms costars (Madison Reyes, Owen Joyner, and Jeremy Shada) it was so seamless and he felt like they fit together “like train tracks.”


Charlie’s first job was as a clothing and accessory salesman, and he worked alongside his uncle.


One of the first times he was ever starstruck was when he saw John Mayer perform live.

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He said, “When he came up on stage and started playing, it was like we were sitting in someone’s garage just playing music.”  


He also was super starstruck after seeing Penguins player Sidney Crosby at the Andrews Hockey School in Prince Edward Island.

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He joked, “He comes onto the ice and the whole crowd went ‘Woo!’ He was skating around and doing these tricks on the ice, and everyone was like ‘That’s Sidney Crosby!’ We were all freaking out.”


One day while he was at the beach with his dog, a group of girls recognized him as Luke from Julie and the Phantoms and they began to cry because they were so excited to meet him.


The first role he wanted but didn’t get was playing a jazz pianist in a film called Flock of Four.


Charlie’s first celebrity crush was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

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He joked, “She was so cute with her red hair and she could sing, ‘Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?’ and you’d just be like ‘Yeah, it’s so cool! Go for it!'”


And finally, Charlie actually had to re-record “Unsaid Emily” for JATP because the first time he recorded the song he actually blew out his voice.

Be sure to catch Charlie in Runt, which is currently playing in select theaters.

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