True story of how Pico and Boyfrend met. With spooky month Skid and Pump Friday Night Funkin animation cartoon .


44 Replies to “Baby Pico Meets Baby Boyfriend feat Skid and Pump FNF Animation”

  1. ghost in window at 0:14, other ghost at 0:39 in the sky, theres a purrple ghost at 0:42 and there going through the fences, ghost in the window at 0:50, last one at 0:54 he pops out of the fence. bro u lied, theres more than one ghost, one at 0:02 in the window, also 0:28 in the window. that bag behind skid at 0:24 is acting sus, its just moving as a ghost/garcello may be controlling it
    thats all i saw, maybe theres more i didnt see

  2. boyfriend: looks at pico running
    pico: looks at pump and skid talking
    skid: punches TNT
    TNT explode
    boyfriend: does CPR to boyfriend
    pico: wakes up
    pico: im pico
    boyfriend: boyfriend
    pico song out of know where
    boyfriend and pico walks away

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