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Migraines with aura are a regular fact of life for me. I have had them since high school. A migraine with aura is the kind where before the pain begins you also experience visual disturbances such as black dots with halos, or when there’s a static feel to your vision. It’s a very different sensation than when you see an energetic aura or when you are having a waking vision. If I’m lucky, menopause will be the thing that makes them stop forever. I have many triggers, from food to environmental.

I take different medications to help prevent migraines, which have made a huge difference as well as medications to stop a migraine when one starts. The trick is to always take the medicine within thirty minutes of when symptoms start and to take a double dose of your painkiller. Taking one and then waiting an hour to see if you are still in pain is not a good strategy for migraines of any kind. I was surprised to learn that in a Kaiser class on migraine.

What does this have to do with Reiki? Well, I live the Reiki life. When the conditions are right, when I feel a migraine coming on all I gotta do is run Reiki! and BOOM, the migraine goes away before it really had a chance to start. I love it when I can do that.

However, this is usually not the case. I can’t always take the time to do Reiki immediately, nor am I always in a good mental space to be effective at it either (remember, I got less than thirty minutes to get the job done). So, what else do I do? I charge up all medications, vitamins, and supplements with Reiki! I will admit, sometimes I simply DO NOT have the time to keep up with charging everything every week. So, I will ask my Reiki guides to help with that, or light a candle with the intention that Reiki will flow into what needs charging for as long as the candle burns. Heck, sometimes I do that for myself in general anyway.

Reducing Chronic Migraine with Reiki

Yet, here is the interesting thing. For some reason, in all of this, I never thought to use Reiki as a preventative specifically for migraines. I have only used it to charge up medications and supplements, or to abort a migraine when it first starts. I didn’t realize I wasn’t even thinking about using it as a preventative until after I started tracking my migraines again using an app called HeadApp; which made this blind spot glaringly obvious. I was like wait, why is Reiki not in the everyday preventative medication/supplement/natural remedy section? I had to laugh, because, once I noticed, it seemed SO OBVIOUS, like DUH, of COURSE I need to be doing that every day too!

Thus begins my migraine preventative focused every day Reiki. While Reiki may not fully cure chronic migraine completely, Reiki sure does make them easier to bear; reducing their frequency and intensity. Reiki is a wonderful complement to modern medical approaches. If you suffer from migraine I hope this helps you identify any blind spots you may have in the different ways you can apply Reiki to the problem.

Of course, always remember to come from a grounded place, deeply connected to the earth beneath our feet. I also find that what personally helps me get into that place is when I choose to feel a bit of gratitude for Reiki. Gratitude often helps to get me out of the frustrated angry head space so I can get grounded, and do the thing called Reiki.

For more information on migraine I recommend visiting americanmigrainefoundation.org

Article by Ruth Renate “Lady of Radiant Joy” Davidson

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Ruth Renate “Lady of Radiant Joy” Davidson is a Reiki Master/Teacher who combines Reiki with other body-work, earth-based energy healing practices, and meditation. She loves working with her Divine Team and helping people connect with their Divine Team, including spirit animal guides. She teaches Tarot Energy Healing.
You can also connect with her on Instagram @ladyofradiantjoy and on her website www.ladyofradiantjoy.org. Ruth’s soul vow is: “I Accept All Things for the Preservation, Healing, and Growing, of LOVE.”

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