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Becker’s Healthcare September 30, 2021
Lauren Jensik

Alicia Schulhof is the first female president to lead St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, a role she assumed July 26. Ms. Schulhof spoke to Becker’s in September about her goals for the hospital and how she prepared for the position.

Editor’s note: This interview has been lightly edited for clarity and cohesion.

Question: What are some of the trends you’re noticing among pediatric patients as far as the delta variant is concerned?

Alicia Schulhof: As you might imagine, the delta variant is the predominant strain in our community. Since the beginning of July, we’ve really seen a dramatic increase in overall pediatric patients presenting to the hospital and testing positive for COVID-19. In August alone, 516 children tested positive for COVID-19, and…

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