27 Replies to “Stunts Advanced 17”

  1. Y’all are amazing but the flyer double jumped, my coach always ridicules us for that, is that accepted in competition? I’m shooting for Panama in college, I already have my elite skills down. Trying to get better every day! 😍❤️‍🔥

  2. This year I’ve gone through 3 bases bc either they quit or my coach didn’t like how they performed or were needed for another stunt. So mad because by the end of the season I couldn’t even get an extension never mind a lib. I was so excited to do a scorpion bc I just learned it a couple months ago before cheer szn but guess not😤😩 😩 thanks to anyone who listened to my rant abt school cheer😶😶😶😄

  3. My ELMENTRY 4-8 grade cheer does extension cradle pop up to half bases rotate clockwise 360down from that back handspring out of stunt

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