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Apollo Hospitals has announced the national launch of an AI tool to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients.

The tool, which was only accessible to physicians of the health care group so far, will now be available to doctors across the country.

According to a statement from the hospital, the tool uses algorithms specifically for the Indian population and delivers a risk score taking into account contributing factors including lifestyle attributes such as diet, tobacco and smoking preferences and physical activity as well as psychological stress and anxiety as reflected in the rate of respiration, and hypertension. The risk is categorized into High, Moderate and Minimal. The tool also gives insights on the risk contributors that can be modified to improve the score.

“The AI-powered Cardiovascular Disease Risk Score is specifically for use in the Indian population, so physicians can better predict the risk of cardiac disease in their patients. The tool is built on algorithms based on ten years of anonymized data relating to around 400,000 individuals across the country collected by the team at Apollo Hospitals. The tool has also been validated internationally using federated learning through Microsoft Azure Platform. Doctors across the Apollo network have been leveraging this AI-powered tool for three years to predict risk of cardiovascular disease and drive preventive cardiac care across the country,” said the group’s Managing Director Sangita Reddy.

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