The Taliban have called for better economic and political ties with India. Can New Delhi trust the Taliban’s words? What can India do to safely evacuate its nationals stuck in Kabul? WION’s Palki Sharma tells you.

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33 Replies to “Gravitas: Taliban call for better ties with India”

  1. Islam is like a challenge to humanity for survival. Just like in the primitive ages of humanity there were wild beasts which humans had overcome to evolve humanity. Similarly, one day humanity will be overcome Islam one day and get rid of this virus only to evolve into a better society and harmony.

  2. Yes what is next Indian option?
    1 destroy Taliban
    2 keep Taliban as Pakistan
    3 keep as friend
    If you answer is keep Taliban as Pakistan, then word will be 😐😂😂😂😂😂😂
    If you answer is destroy Taliban, then word will be 🧐🤩🤩🤩 wow.

  3. 🤔🤔the Taliban mastered the art of deception through social media while living in the caves just like the old man of the mountain perfected his art of terror while in his stronghold at mount Alamut 🤔🤔

  4. India already has the loyalty of Panshir… Taliban knows it… India has learnt the art of war from the British… She knows..what she has become.. . She is A Loyal silent Medusa… The world knows that too.. And the Taliban.. The New Taliban.. I MEAN… knows not to even LOOK in her direction.

  5. Modi RSS India needs to stop its Hate on Islam and stop supporting Terrorism in the Afghanistan and Pakistan,…. Only then will India be accepted by its Neighbours.

  6. Alright let me debunk all this for the viewers who aren't from South Asia. You must have noticed Wion and other such international media outlets being run from India pivoting from "Taliban are animals" to "we might have to talk with them/coexist". Stanakzai is the only Taliban leader they're in touch with.

    For starters, Wion, as liberal and pro democracy it may sound, is actually a mouthpiece of India's Nazi party: BJP. Think of Nazi party/Hitler and then replace Jews with Muslims – you're looking at BJP/RSS and Modi. Same party whose Prime Minister was directly involved in the murder of thousands of Muslims when he ruled a province. Modi wasn't allowed to enter the USA and other western countries because of that butchery but when he became the PM of India, a key western ally in war against China, same countries had to cope with this reality. And then you'd see how Trump welcomed him in a big public gathering.

    This shows how power politics works. And now India is having to bear the brunt of the same power politics. India acted like the dumbest kid when it comes to Afghanistan. Power players kept it out of Doha talks where Taliban went from being terrorists to next de facto owners of Afghanistan. Now India is coming to terms with this reality. Why? Because its western allies are going to partner with Taliban secretly and then openly acknowledge their rule – though it would take some time. So India will have to toe the line sooner or later.

    Which is why, while Republic TV, a hardliner mouthpiece of BJP is still referring to Taliban as "animals, and primates and terrorists", BJP's "liberal and westernized" mouthpiece Wion is slowly preparing the ground and priming its audience to accept the inevitable reality: India acknowledging Taliban's rule and talking with them.

  7. The. Afghanistan. People. Need. Allah. Allah. Has. Made. Afghanistan. Rich. With. Mineral. Gold. If. They. Spend. Their. Wealth. On. The. Poor. Allah. Will. Help. Them

  8. What happened to all the money India invested in Afghanistan 😂😂 aur kaho Ind-afghan bhai bhai😂😂 maa chod di India ki talibano ne

  9. Taliban please change your stand on women rights and surprise the world. Rule with moderate laws with a more soft and wide eyes you can see fund will flow with no control

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