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Cysts are sac-like pockets or lumps that may be filled with  fluid, semi solid  material or air. Cysts are very common and the majority are benign (non cancerous.) The cysts can occur on any part of the body or under the skin. The size of cyst varies from being small to very large. Homeopathic medicines for cysts are used to treat  sebaceous cyst, cystic acne, Chalazion, ganglion, pilonidal cyst, knee cyst, breast cyst and cyst in male and female genitals.homeopathic medicines for cysts

They are of different types and mostly don’t cause any symptoms. But sometimes they may cause pain. When the lump is filled with pus it indicates an infection and is then called as an abscess.


There are various reasons behind cyst and the cause depends on the type of cyst. Some of the general reasons include blockages of ducts or sebaceous glands, infection, chronic inflammatory conditions, inherited diseases. In the majority of cases the cyst doesn’t cause pain. They turn painful if they are inflamed, infected or when they rupture.


Some cyst like cysts of the skin, tissues under the skin, breast cyst, eyelid cyst, ganglion can be felt from outside on examination. But cyst in internal organs like lungs, liver may be asymptomatic and can be first discovered only after ultrasound, CT scan or MRI is done by a doctor for some other purpose. Most cysts are asymptomatic but some may lead to symptoms. Whether the symptoms appear or not depend on the size of cyst , location of cyst, type of cyst and if they are infected or not. For example in case of breast cyst pain, tenderness can occur in the breast. In case of  infection of cyst under skin there may occur discharge of thick yellow matter.  In ovarian cyst menstrual irregularities, pain while intercourse, pelvic pain can arise.

Types of Cysts

There are around 100 types of cyst. Some of the common ones are as follows : 

  1. Epidermoid Cysts

They are small non cancerous lump that form under the skin  and are most common on the face, neck and trunk.  They grow slowly, can have no symptoms or it may have pain on touch. They appear as small round lumps on skin. Its other signs and symptoms include swelling, redness, tenderness. They may also discharge thick, yellow, offensive matter. 

  1. Sebaceous Cyst 

These are  non cancerous skin cysts that commonly form on the face, neck, or torso. These are fluid or semi fluid filled bumps and are a little harder. Usually these are not painful but in case of large cysts they can be uncomfortable or severely painful and may cause pressure. It can get inflamed and become tender and the skin over the cyst may be red, warm. There may be drainage from the cyst having a foul smell.

  1. Acne cyst (Cystic Acne)

These are severe types of acne in which painful, pus filled lumps form under the skin. It may rupture and leave scars.  Infection also spreads when these bursts. They occur from a sum of hormonal changes and trapping of  bacteria, oil, and dry skin cells in the skin pores. These form when this infection goes deep in the skin. They are painful, tender and itchy.  They can occur on the face, neck, chest, back.

  1. Chalazion Cyst 

It is a small, painless lump that develops on the upper or lower eyelid. They occur from clogged meibomian glands. If infected they appear red, swollen and painful. 

  1. Ganglion Cyst

It refers to a benign (non cancerous), round lump filled with jelly like material that most commonly develop along the tendons / joints. They commonly occur on wrists or hands but may also develop in the ankles and feet. They may become painful when they press on a nearby nerve.

  1. Pilonidal Cyst

It is a sac in the skin that develops near the tailbone at the top of the area between the cleft of buttocks. It contains hair and skin debris. When it gets infected there appears  redness, swelling, soreness, pain in it and also discharge of pus that can have foul smell or blood.

  1. Pilar Cyst

They are small fluid filled lumps that form under the skin. Though they can occur on any of the body surface but mostly (in 90% of the cases) occur on the scalp.  They are round or dome-shaped and are flesh coloured. 

  1. Dermoid Cyst

It is sac-like growth near the skin surface and is a  congenital condition I.e. present at birth. They may contain hair , teeth, fluid, skin tissue, skin glands that produce sweat and oil. Mostly they occur on the face, lower back, inside the skull and in the ovaries. 

  1. Baker’s Cyst 

Baker’s cyst is a fluid-filled cyst that develops behind the knee.  It is also known as popliteal cyst. In some of its cases no symptoms are present while in others  symptoms occur like knee pain, stiffness, limited range of motion of the knee. The symptoms may worsen after prolonged standing.

  1. Breast Cyst

These are non cancerous fluid-filled lumps within the breast. They can be single or multiple in number. They may be painful or tender. They may  cause nipple discharge and the lump may increase in size and become tender before periods and decrease in size and become non tender after periods.

  1. Cyst in Female Genital 

Ovarian Cyst 

These are fluid – filled sacs that develop in ovaries. They may develop in one or both the ovaries. These are common in women of child bearing age group.

They may not cause any symptoms in many cases. While in other cases they may cause symptoms like pain, abdominal bloating, pelvic pain before or during menses, pain while doing intercourse, pain in lower back, pain in thighs.

Bartholin Cyst

It is a small fluid filled near the vaginal opening due to blockage of the bartholin glands around the vaginal opening which secrete fluid for vaginal lubrication. It is painless but when infected there occurs redness , heat, swelling, pain, tenderness in the lump, discomfort while walking / sitting, pain during intercourse and fever.

Nabothian Cyst 

These are lumps which are filled with mucus that develops on the surface of the cervix. These don’t cause any pain or other symptoms and usually come into notice when a doctor examines the cervix for other problems. In case infection occurs in this cyst then discharge from vagina, inter menstrual bleeding or pelvic pain  may occur

Vaginal Cyst

They refer to lumps of  fluid, semi solid matter, air or pus that develop on or under the vaginal lining. They are asymptomatic but when enlarged can lead to pain, itching, discomfort during intercourse, and increase the chances of infection.

12. Cyst in Male Genitals

Epididymal Cyst

It is also known as spermatocele and refers to  a fluid – filled lump that forms on the epididymis (a coiled tube that stores sperms as they mature and carry from testes to the vas deferens). It doesnt cause any symptoms but when it gets large it may cause heaviness, discomfort and pain in the affected testicle and fullness behind and above the testicle.

Apart from above the cyst can form in glands and various organs l
ike the liver, lungs, kidneys, brain, pancreas, thyroid gland.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cysts 

There is great scope of treating cases of cyst in homeopathy. The homeopathic medicines help in dissolving the cysts in a very effective manner. Various types of cyst come under the treatable parameters of homeopathic medicines. These medicines dissolve the cyst and also bring relief in the associated symptoms linked with it. Homeopathic medicines for treating these cases are of natural origin so treat them in a very safe manner. Timely use of well indicated medicine for cyst often prevents surgical intervention.

  1. Silicea – Top Grade Medicine

Silicea is a leading homeopathic medicine for cases of cyst. Its use is highly recommended for dissolving different types of cyst. It is effective for treating sebaceous cyst, cystic acne, Chalazion, ganglion, pilonidal cyst, knee cyst, breast cyst and cyst in male and female genitals. Other than these it is a marvellous medicine to manage condition with pus formation. Hence its use is also valuable in treating cases of infected cyst. In such cases it helps in clearing the pus discharges that can be foul smelling.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Infected Skin Cyst (abscess) with Pus Discharge

It is a great medicine for managing cases of skin cyst with pus discharge. In cases like cystic acne, pilonidal cyst it works very effectively. There is pus discharge that can be offensive in nature. The discharge may also be blood stained. In the cyst there may be pain, tenderness and sensitivity to touch the lump where it is required. Pain is throbbing and splinter like. 

  1. Apis Mellifica – For Ovarian Cyst

This is a very useful medicine for treating cases of ovarian cyst. For using this medicine pain in ovaries is there. The pain is mainly burning, stinging type. It may also be a sharp cutting type. In many cases needing it, ovarian pain is felt during intercourse. The pain may extend from ovaries down to the thighs sometimes. Other attending symptoms are tightness, weight, heaviness and tenderness in the ovarian region.

  1. Ruta – For Ganglion Cyst

This medicine is prepared from a plant named Ruta graveolens commonly known as Rue. This plant belongs to family rutaceae. It is a very beneficial medicine for dissolving ganglion cyst. It mainly works best in the ganglion of the wrist.

  1. Calcarea Fluor – For Cyst in Eyelids (Chalazion)

This medicine has great affinity to treat cystic lumps in eyelids. It gradually decreases the size of this cyst.

  1. Graphites – For Sebaceous Cyst

It is another prominent medicine for treating cases of sebaceous cysts, like medicine Silicea. In cases needing it, scanty pus discharge from the cyst may be present.

  1. Sabina – For Cyst in Vulva of Females

This medicine is prepared from plant Juniperus sabina. This plant belongs to family coniferae. It is well indicated for cyst in vulva in females. The cysts are very sensitive and painful, the pain being tearing type. The pains are worse during rest.

  1. Calcarea Sulph – For Managing Yellow Lumpy Discharge 

This medicine works well in cases where yellow lumpy discharge are present. the pus is thick. The discharge can also be blood stained. 

Other Important Medicines

Bromium – Well-indicated for cyst on neck

Baryta Carb – Prominent medicine for cysts under the arm-pit

Iodum – An important remedy for thyroid cyst

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