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How Nature Benefits Mental Health

How Nature Benefits Mental Health

Relating with nature can be not just pleasant, but also rewarding to our mental health and wellbeing. Nature positively helps with my depression. I am grieving and had lost my mental balance. I started going on a long walk in the huge National park near my house. Breathing fresh air is really helping me. It’s as if the trees have magical healing powers. Let’s see How Nature Benefits Mental Health

Walking gives an extra boost in natural surroundings rather than indoors. It reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and sadness.

From the time when our ancestors evolved in the wild locales and depended on the environment for survival, we have an inborn motivation to connect with nature.

Fresh air and exercise is a phenomenal way to feel good, bodily and mentally. Visiting parks and gardens leads to a reduced risk of mental health issues, lighter mood, lessen anxiety and restored physique.

How to look after your mental health?

By connecting to nature in our day-to-day lives we support good mental health.

How can nature help?

Spending time in nature is positive for our mental health. You gain a sense of peace and there is a lift to your self-esteem, enhanced concentration and emotional restoration.

Our senses connect us to the surroundings around us, from the big and small trees in nature we see to the smells that trees give off that stimulate and relax our thoughts.

How Nature Benefits Mental Health

How nature can help mental health

Nature Relaxes

Nature helps one to cope with pain. We are programmed to find nature; trees, plants, water interesting, we are enchanted by nature and diverted from our agony and anxiety.

As we age we have to deal with unexpected life changes like life after retirement, health problems, and loss of loved ones.

Nature Restores

Research says, mood improves after spending time outdoors. It changes from depressed, anxious and stressed to calm and composed. Time spent in nature improves energy, psychological wellbeing and meaningfulness.

The best way to get back in touch with your inner self is to be in nature. Walking in the woods or by the tree-lined roadside, listening to nature’s music will put you in an enhanced frame of mind.

Nature Quotes

Nature Inspires

If you step out you will notice the beauty of nature by listening attentively to birdsong or by touching the leaves or bark of trees. Even smelling flowers or feeling the soil between our fingers whilst planting bulbs in the garden on our hands is an extremely sensory way to connect with nature.

Even writing a poem about nature after a walk helps us wilfully notice, reflect and pause to value the good things in nature. We just need to tap into the healing powers of Mother Nature.


Nature Calms

Spending time in nature can act as a balm for frayed nerves. The stress lessening hypothesis suggests that spending time in nature elicits a physiological response that reduces stress levels. The attention restoration theory maintains that nature refills one’s reasoning properties, restoring focus and attentive capacity.

Nature Recuperates

New findings illustrate how remarkable nature’s healing powers can be; just a few minutes of green can invigorate a tired brain. Surprisingly, even the sounds of nature may be restorative. Just listen to nature sounds like crickets, birds chirping and waves crashing is enough to soothe a disturbed mind.

 Nature Recreates

You can evolve a new connection with the natural world by observing nature to gather benefits in mental health.

Just sitting outside, in nature, pacifies me. Gardening makes me feel in good health, energized, and the rain soothes me. The sounds and smell of birds, animals, flowers, the blowing zephyr, and the floating clouds make me feel serene even if I am agitated.

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