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Nikita Rawal experienced a horrific incident in Delhi as she was robbed off Rs 7 lakhs at gunpoint. The incident took place at New Delhi’s Shastri Nagar. The actress was confronted with a few people who were wearing masks and suddenly took her hostage. The incident seemingly appeared at her aunt’s residence where she was staying. Following the incident, she took the first flight out of the national capital. Nikita spoke to Hindustan Times and revealed the details. 

Rawal shared, “It was around 10 at night when the incident took place. I was walking to my aunt’s house when an Innova came on a high speed and stopped my vehicle, and then four masked men came out of the car. They showed me a gun and asked me to give them everything that I was carrying with me. Even talking about the incident is troubling me right now.”

As per the report in Hindustan Times, the actress’ rings, watch, earring, diamond pendant, and cash, including some part of the advance from her event, with a total value approximating over ₹7 lakh was taken. 

The actress further added, “At the time, I was thinking that they will kill me, and dreading ke kahin mera rape na karde, despite taking away all my belongings. I can’t express in words what I went through in those 10 minutes. I just rushed back to my place and locked the house. I flew back to Mumbai the very next morning as I was not feeling very safe.”

Nikita said that she is very disturbed right now and is not able to eat or sleep properly since the incident. When Pinkvilla got in touch with Nikita, she said, “I still can’t get out of this trauma and can’t believe that I’m alive .I would have died if I didn’t fight it …I literally locked myself in the wardrobe to save myself ..I was home alone. My aunt was also not there. It’s the most traumatic incident of my life.” 


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