In today’s episode of Gravitas, Watch:
– A Biden-Putin summit?
– US President faces the Russia test
– Afghan peace, in pieces
– India vaccine dashboard
– China’s Olympics factory
– The story of Ambedkar

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28 Replies to “Gravitas Live With Palki Sharma Upadhyay | A Biden-Putin summit? | WION”

  1. Wion is the best news channel where we get important developments from across the world and the best presenter Ms. Palki! Where other channels are shouting and blame gaming! This is so informative! Keep it up!

  2. USA President Biden is learning from Pakistan Army something. Make friendly visit to India and make promises to co-operate. Within a week he sends big military ship Roosevelt (CVN-71) near Indian islands. Should Indians feel proud that now US considers India as power they are scared ?

  3. And that’s another thing. Paleo even you have a twist on the story. Things have been ok for years. Now that the Democrats are back in, they’ve been whispering in Ukraine’s ear. It wanUkraine who came out and said they are going to retake Crimea by force. But now? It’s all, look at Russia. Get it right. And Pali, the vaccine is depopulation.

  4. This is what’s going to happen and don’t kid your self. Biden is going to start saying shit. And Putin will be sitting there already knowing full well it was the Americans that tossed out the Ukrainian President. So what are we going to expect to come of this. Nothing! America is guilty and needs to go home. I for one got to hear the phone call where they planned removing Yanukovych and installing Poroshenko. Ask your self, where did Yanukovych run for his life? Ask!

  5. दो बिल्लियां यूं ही लड़ती रहेगी बंदर (चीन) रोटी लेकर जाएगा।

  6. This is a great news channel I ever come across, 🙏🏼 many thanks for your eloquently elaborate as always 🙏🏼जय हिंद की नारी श्रीमती पालकी शर्मा उपाध्याय जी की 🇮🇳 जय मां भारती वंदे मात्रम जय हिंद 🇮🇳 🙏🏼

  7. I am not surprised by Egypt asking 900 Millions, I just knew from the start they would Screw the Owners of the Ship up and the amount of Bribes that take place in Sueis Canal to give right of way to Vessels, if I had a ⛵ the last place I would want to take my boat. Those Muslims Countries Just Sucks.

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