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I don’t think I’ll be watching episode 2…

Not too long ago, Hulu announced their latest reality show: The D’Amelio Show.

This announcement came not too long after their, some might call, failed YouTube series, Dinner with the D’Amelios:

The D’Amelio Show / Via youtube.com

Can confirm that they have not had anyone over for dinner since then. 

Needless to say, I was a little wary to watch a new show with this family, but the only thing I love more than a second chance is reality television:

So, without further ado, here goes nothing:

BUT, before we dive in, here’s the synopsis Hulu gives for The D’Amelio Show:

Off the bat, we see Charli waking up and doing her morning routine with her phone glued to her hand — something I’m guilty of as well — as several comments pop up, ranging from “we love youuuu” to “why are you alive.”


It’s the “your” for me. But also, Charli! I don’t think this is what you should be exposing yourself to when you wake up first thing in the morning! But that’s just me. 

Charli then explains how and why she got into TikTok — she’s a trained dancer and started off doing it for fun before she blew up and became a social media sensation.

I was making and doing little dance videos with my friends. If someone were to ask me why I do social media, I would ask them why they use social media because EVERYONE USES IT! [Even] my grandma has social media.

Apparently, it was Charli’s idea to move her family to Los Angeles.


Due to being in lockdown in Connecticut, Charli wasn’t able to accept a lot of work opportunites that came her way, so the fam up and moved to LA, babyyy. Which, no matter how you feel about her, is super cool and supportive of her family to do. 

Though, later on, it’s revealed that Dixie was the one who did all the “heavy lifting” to convince the fam to move out — she found the house and convinced the parents while Charli “cried three times a day.” 

This sentiment was mildly concerning, but also, the way of young social media stars who put their lives online for the entertainment of strangers and, in Charli’s case, over 100 million strangers…


Pls, no one stalk this child. 

Dixie soon graced our screens and the immediate question on my mind — and everyone else’s — is how she feels when people say she’s only famous because of Charli. Her responses was essentially, “Yah, so what? I’m still famous.”


Fame is fame, no matter how you cut, slice, or dice it. 

Not gonna lie — I still think the fact that they have a whole team to manage their “family brand” is fucking wild:


Like, “Hi, I’m the D’Amelio intern.” Could you IMAGINE? 

Big ups to Charli for thinking about life after social media!


All I know is that I was not thinking this far ahead when I was her age. 

I think this is a valid ask from Mama Heidi, especially since there are four humans who are running Charli like a brand when she’s also, you know, a child.



It’s wild that we’re still in the pilot of this reality series because they are teeing up and commenting on a lot of the things that people dislike about the D’Amelio sisters — namely Dixie’s hand-given music career when there are struggling musicians out there who can’t get the break that she was served up on a platter:


Like, on one hand, I see the point that Charli is making, but on the other hand, I’m watching a clip where Dixie is sitting down with her music team and they’re going over the things she needs to complete which include, but are not limited to: vocal lessons with Stevie Mackey (who works with J.Lo, Kehlani, and Kelly Rowland, to name a few), songwriting camp, music-video prep, social media content, etc. As of this moment, Dixie has ONLY FIVE SONGS released. Do with that information what you will.

I do like that they’re touching on mental health — Dixie’s struggled with anxiety for a while and social media has exacerbated that:


She also has a therapist which is A+. I wonder if she talks about her mental health on TikTok? I feel like that would be beneficial for her young fans. 

I’d be lying if I said that listening to Dixie’s singing lesson was…pleasant:


I understand being nervous, but also, if you don’t wanna sing / are afraid to sing in a PRIVATE SESSION then IDK what to tell you, girl… 

While Dixie is working on her singing career, Charli is getting back into dancing shape so that she can compete in a few months:


As someone who danced as a child, I understand how hard it is to get back into dancing shape after not dancing for a while. I don’t envy her, I can tell you that!

The episode ends with Dixie’s breakdown after the negative backlash she received from her Vogue video:


This moment broke my heart — getting a video on Vogue is a huge! deal! I saw the video and it was fine! I learned about a girl who I don’t know much about, but it’s currently one of the most disliked videos on Vogue’s channel (the video has over three million views with 95,000 likes and 148,000 dislikes.) I think people forget that this girl is 18/19 and their words have an effect. 

In case you were curious about said video, you can watch it for yourself:

View this video on YouTube


To me, the most disturbing part of this video was Dixie making an omelette with mozzarella and deli ham…which, to each their own. 

Overall, my consesus is that the show is…fine? I mean, will I let Hulu autoplay the next episode? Maybe, maybe not. I personally just find it boring…which isn’t a bad thing! They just seem like a normal family who happens to be TikTok famous. Kardashians, they are not, but I don’t think they wanna be!


So it’s a pass for me — not necessarily because it’s bad, but mostly because I like more mess and distress in my reality content. 

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