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A 19-year-old teen was killed and his elder brother injured after being attacked with swords, knives, rods, and other blunt weapons by a group of men at Ram Darbar Phase 2 on Monday night. Police identified the 19-year-old as Sajjan Kumar and his injured brother as Vishal, 21. Vishal has been admitted to GMCH 32, where his condition is stated to be stable.

Three of the men involved in the attack have been arrested, the police claimed, while a hunt has been launched for the remaining, without mentioning how many people may have been actually involved.

Investigators said that Sajjan and Vishal used to play the characters of Radha and Krishna in religious functions. They also said that the assailants used to tease Sajjan for playing the role of Radha.

Investigators claimed that the assailants were under the influence of alcohol when they attacked the brothers on Monday night.

Ramkishan, the father of the victims, said that he had told the police that his sons were being harassed by the suspects. He said that the incident took place on Monday night when Sajan and Vishal had gone to the market for eating momos. The assailants cornered them and attacked them with various weapons.

Police sources said that Sajjan seemed to be the main target of the group as he sustained the maximum number of sharp injuries. Aster the attack, an injured Vishal somehow managed to get his brother to GMCH-32 on a passerby’s two-wheeler, where Sajjan succumbed during treatment.

Though the family members of the victim accused the police of trying to shield the suspects, investigators claimed that three men involved in teh attack had already been arrested and probe in the case was ongoing to identify the rest.

A case of murder was registered at PS 31. The family members of the victims said they will cremate Sajjan’s body till all the assailants are arrested.

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