Will India arm china’s rivals in the South China sea?

The Philippines to buy India’s Brahmos missile. France and Germany enter the fray to counter China. Quad leaders plan their first-ever summit

Is China being ‘encircled’ in the Indo Pacific?

On Gravitas tonight: Countering the dragon

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50 Replies to “Gravitas Live With Palki Sharma Upadhyay | Countering the dragon | WION Live”

  1. Journalist Palki Sharma your analysis about world unrest giving us so much more knowledge.
    I would like to contect with you and I am from Uyghur Communty in Canada

  2. Palki, how about an interview with the school girl who was shot in the head and survive while in a bus on her way to school. I am sorry i for got her name. I believe she is staying in europe now.

  3. India must be cognisant of the fact that the USA is trying to destabilise Myanmar, along with Thailand. It wants to create the same sort of mayhem in Asia that it has created in the Middle East and North Africa. It's ultimate aim is to stop cooperation between India and China and disrupt the latter's Belt and Road project and if India does not devise a sound geopolitical strategy to deal with this unfolding drama soon it too could very well find itself engulfed in the same sort of civil unrest that is now playing out in Myanmar. Just think of the protests and strikes organised by the farmers of India and think whether or not they are entirely home grown or are being manipulated from outside, or whether there is at least the possibility that they could be. Could a 'colour revolution' occur in India? Who does Modi and his government work for anyway, the Indian people or the IMF/UN and its Agenda 2021/2030?
    भारत को इस तथ्य का संज्ञान होना चाहिए कि अमेरिका थाईलैंड के साथ-साथ म्यांमार को अस्थिर करने की कोशिश कर रहा है। यह एशिया में उसी तरह का तबाही पैदा करना चाहता है जो उसने मध्य पूर्व और उत्तरी अफ्रीका में बनाया है। इसका अंतिम उद्देश्य भारत और चीन के बीच सहयोग को रोकना और बाद की बेल्ट एंड रोड परियोजना को बाधित करना है और अगर भारत जल्द से जल्द इस निराधार नाटक से निपटने के लिए एक ध्वनि भू राजनीतिक रणनीति नहीं तैयार करता है, तो यह बहुत अच्छी तरह से खुद को उसी तरह से घिरा हुआ पा सकता है। नागरिक अशांति जो अब म्यांमार में खेल रही है। भारत के किसानों द्वारा आयोजित विरोध प्रदर्शनों और हड़तालों के बारे में सोचें और समझें कि वे पूरी तरह से घर में पैदा हुए हैं या नहीं, या उन्हें बाहर से हेरफेर किया जा रहा है, या क्या कम से कम संभावना है कि वे हो सकते हैं। क्या भारत में 'रंग क्रांति' हो सकती है? मोदी और उनकी सरकार वैसे भी, भारतीय लोग या IMF / UN और इसके एजेंडा 2021/2030 के लिए कौन काम करता है?

  4. Can you Palki answer this. Chinese are very well organized and do their job very very sincerely. Very punctual. None of them are outspoken, unlike Indians. I am simply telling you the truth and that's what I have seen within China while traveling to this country. I don't know what replies you are going to give on this. I don't think you have ever visited China and communicated with them. You talk simply hatred which I can understand. But you need to educate your people first, fix this rubbish film industry (Spoiling the whole population of India).

  5. Watched Report about Myanmar, I am Proud of you My Child, May God Bless you with the very best Of Health.Keep up the Hard & Smart Work which you are so Passionate About

  6. I add Biden cannot be trusted. India, Japan and Australia must ask iron clad bottom lines from the US. India and Japan should not be used as cat's paws. Obama/Biden nexus with China is highly suspect. India must maintain its own counsel. Don't trust the US blindly. This includes being sucked into Afghanistan. India must maintain its friendship with Russia at all costs. US has a history of unceremoniously dumping its allies at the most awkward moments. China US relations must be minutely scrutinised. Biden has to come clean. If not careful, India and China will get bogged down in fighting each other while the US while rubbing its hands. It would have crippled two major economies that could have been challenged to the US. China and India get your flipping heads together and sort out your problems as soon as possible.

  7. I haven't heard here in our local news about buying your bhramos missiles. That's good news though, I know China will be pissed about it, much more that India is openly against them. I love my president Duterte, but there's a side of him that seems been duped by China big time, he really praises them openly. And lots of Filipino are pissed of it. I think we are falling with that debt trap strategy. it's really sad.

  8. This year is the most auspicious time (100 years of CCP founding)for motherland to resume China's 1945 to 1949 civil war; China has the fire power to match the USA & allies; attack Taiwan full force and expect the USA to come to their aid; China in 1950 helped the DPRKorea defeat America led by the legendary 5Star Gen. MacAurthur and ally United Nations. China then was the world's poorest nation and fought the allies with weaponry that were nothing heavier than a sub machine gun. China of the 2021 is peer competiter of the USA, and whatever gizmo that the Yanks have we too have the same(motherland stole America secrets)but China improves on the US original so that ours are bigger than yours. Attacking Taiwan this year has the advantage of calling out America at their worst time in their history; US is BROKE ! US is beset with rebellion and divided, US is held by their balls with Covid 19 and can field only half of her military. I think Japan has already decided that America's spiralling decline cannot be stop; more profitable to find common interests with China in this century and going forward. Australia I think will go where the USA goes but Australia is not consequantial; too far and too small a military to matter even if Australia joins in which I think they will on bloody ideological grounds ! All said People's Republic of China has sufficient fire power to put up a good show. This is exactly the right time to confront America, if they under perform in this war, the USA will have "LOST HER CLOTHS", and China wins! This is a proxy war between Communist China vs America ! China cannot lose and the USA cannot win ! Remember motherland if we do not attack now we lose Taiwan forever ! Take Taiwan down now or forget about spending more money in strengthing our PLA ! and lose face !

  9. 1) Biggest lockdown in the word
    2)theres cops in every road fining left and right for not wearing masks😂😂

    But jokes apart with all that the world had to go through because of covid

    Modiji went beyond being just a PM and kept India from breaking apart in tough times….. 🇮🇳❤

  10. India is surely an asset And the powerhouse for the world 🌍 World is Blessed with patriotic Indian PM Modi Ji a selfless Global Leader for the future of Humanity on the Globe 🇮🇳Jai Hind 🇮🇳Jai Bharath

  11. Australia don't worry we buy your product yo support you accept pork that japan & America can buy to help an ally.
    All 3 economies are capable to support you for japan your young population is depleting india has manpower gibe job to Indians.
    America we all can buy your weapons subsidies them & remove strings attached.

  12. Call the ICC into Qatar on the Taliban Terrorist Enemies that are Released War Criminals from military Prisons. The Whole World needs to Call The ICC… the Taliban has Stalled and defeated purpose of Peace Talks and Killed and ATTACK ED Afghans Daily. And Call in the Airstrikes yesterday on them

  13. According to the Fairfax County Health Department in Virginia, U.S.A., a deadly virus outbreak caused the death of 2 people and 54 became ill with symptoms ranging from cough to pneumonia at Greenspring Retirement Community in July 2019.

  14. According to Italy's National Cancer Institute, Covid-19 was circulating in Italy in Sept. 2019 of the City of Milan. It might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought. The first human case of Covid-19 was reported in Dec.2019 in Wuhan China. In 2019, 3.5 million Chinese tourists visited Italy. Their favorite destination is Milan, Italy.

  15. "More and more evidence" is
    emerging that there was "suspicious activity" at the WUHAN INSTITUTE
    OF VIROLOGY Virology prior to the pandemic outbreak, according to SKY NEWS
    AUSTRALIA  host Sharri Markson.
    "Some of this evidence points to the fact that this laboratory had workers
    who fell ill … around August of 2019". Ms Markson said the STATE
    DEPARTMENT  has released a fact sheet
    which says for more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party has systematically
    prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the origin of the
    pandemic. Instead choosing to devote enormous resources to deceit and
    disinformation, while nearly two million people have died, Ms Markson said. The
    fact sheet was released by the US State Department on January 16. "It goes
    on to say that the US government does not know where, when or how COVID was
    transmitted initially to humans; whether it was through contact with an
    infected animal or whether it was the result of an accident at the lab in
    Wuhan," Ms Markson said. Ms Markson continued to say there is
    "fascinating new information that this rare fact sheet from the US State
    Department reveals". She said: “the  US STATE DEPARTMENT DISCLOSED THAT CHINA HAS A

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