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Our favorite God comes knocking on our doors like knock knock and we couldn’t be happier to welcome him home. To help you jazz up the entrance as you prepare to host the Elephant God, we scouted out some super cool Ganesh rangoli designs that will surely set your Ganpati celebrations apart!

Ganesh Rangoli Designs

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These Ganesh rangoli patterns will not only add that personal touch to your festivities but will also bring out the flavour of the season to its full potential.

Take a Look At  Designs of Ganesh Rangoli

The pattern feature the head of the elephant sitting on his human body, with a rounded belly and large trunk. The designs however differ in various styles and poses.

1. This is our Ganesha’s favorite pose, where in one hand he is seen sending out his blessings and the other he holds modak, his favorite sweet.

Ganeshji rangoli designs
Source: highdefinitionwallpapers.in

2. Simple and elegant in design, the outline of the Elephant God’s face is the main focus in this rangoli kolams. The diyas surrounding the rangoli add to the overall effect.

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Ganesh rangoli
Source: forangelsonly.org

3. This beautiful kundan rangoli kolams design is quite different from others as it makes use of a variety of decorative items, and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Ganesha kundan rangoli design
Source: mymomentsofheart.blogspot.com

4. This unique design does not include the complete figure of Lord Ganesh unlike regular colourful kolams patterns .

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Rngoli designs
Source: flickr.com/photos/mohanprajapati/

5. This design pattern makes use of different decorative items including colored powder, flower petals, paan leaves, kundan stickers, and diyas. However, the Ganesha design remains the center of attraction.

Ganesh rangoli pattern
Source: coloringpages.co.in

6. This vibrant ranjoli kolams design is easy to make and never fails to grab eye balls because of the charming colours used.

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Vibrant rangoli design
Source: indusladies.com

7. Convert the floor of your living room to a more vibrant and striking one this Ganesh Chaturti 2015 with this beautiful Ganesh rangoli design. The colourful design is sure to change the atmosphere instantly.

Colourful design
Source: stylishandtrendy.com

8. Floral Ganesh pattern is gaining popularity by the day and is perfect for any occasion. However, one must be excellent in drawing to come up with such magnificent art.

Floral rangoli
Source: eexploria.com


9. This Ganesh rangoli design is a perfect piece of art, with Lord Ganesh having a very sculpted look. If you are unaware, this piece of art can also be used as Ganesh designs for rangoli 2021.

Ganesh rangoli design
Source: bhagyashreeladse.wordpress.com

10. The outlined image of Ganpati with his rounded figure is a beauty if not a masterpiece. Simple yet creative in design, this Ganesh design manages to capture the essence of a traditional kolams.

Ganpati rangoli designs
Source: stylishandtrendy.com

We’ll leave you with some more designs to take inspiration from.

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11. This one will take a lot of time and also a clean hand, but the end result will be spectacular.

Ganesh rangoli designs for diwali
Source: forangelsonly.org

12. If you an expert and want to try something different, then this one will definitely catch some eyeballs. Continue reading for more New Year rangoli designs.

Rangoli ganesh
Source: ikolam.com

13. This is a simple yet sweet design using powder colors.

Rangoli of ganesh
Source: pictandpicture.org

14. This one is particularly our favourite. Diyas, fresh flowers, kolams powder and an artistic mind is what makes this one a masterpiece.

Ganapathi rangoli desingns
Source: stylishandtrendy.com

15. A combination of ‘om’ and Ganesh design is perfect for New Year rangoli 2021.

Ganapathi rangoli
Source: compiko.info

16. This is a free hand patterns that is simple yet very elegant. Indoor designs like these are beautiful and your hard-work in getting the exact design, will result in plenty compliments.

Ganesh rangoli design
Source: forangelsonly.org

17. If you are an artist then this one wouldn’t seem that difficult. Just get all your rangoli colors ready and get started.

ganesh paint rangoli
Source: myrangoli-majic.blogspot.com

18. Black, white, blue and pink make this one a very easy rangoli design for beginners.

Ragoli design on Ganesh
Source: cruiseshipdjs.info

19. This Ganesh rangoli design will surely impress you with its unique design and use of fresh flowers.

Rangoli Designs of Lord Ganesha
Source: soulflower.biz

20. This multi-colored Ganpati rangoli design will make your home look even more vibrant and beautiful.

New Diwali Rangoli Designs
Source: techpedia.website

21. This intricate Ganesh rangoli design which is an amalgamation of Ganesha, the symbol Om and a shivling, will definitely bring all the good luck to you and your family.

Ganapati Rangoli Designs For Diwali
Source: homemakeover.in

22. Create a kolam with colored powders and start your new year with this colorful Ganpathy rangoli design

Diwali rangoli patterns and designs
Source: hpssociety.info

23. This classic combination of a diya and our favorite Ganesha is sure to get you all the compliments from your family and friends.

Best Ganesh Rangoli Designs
Source: cartoondistrict.com

24. Adorn your entrance with this Ganesh rangoli design on a beetle leaf with diyas and fresh flowers.

Beautiful Ganesha Rangoli Design
Source: vanitynoapologies.com

25. Doesn’t this exquisite Ganpati rangoli design look absolutely breathtaking? You would definitely need a lot of patience to pull this off.

Best Ganesh Rangoli
Source: homemakeover.in

26. Try this Ganesh rangoli design with dots and circles     and lines and bring in the new year with a festive look.

Ganesh Rangoli
Source: mykolam.blogspot.com

27. Bring out the artist in you and decorate your floor with this beautiful Ganesh rangoli design.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs for Festival
Source: wedandbeyond.com

28. You would need a steady hand to make this floral pattern based design with Ganesha in between.

Ganesh Rangoli for Sankranthi
Source: homemakeover.in

29. Only way to describe this design would be ‘simplicity at its best’. This simple rangoli design with colored powder looks absolutely beautiful and easy to create.

Ganesh Rangoli Patterns
Source: diwalidussehra.in

30. This color combined rangoli of Ganesha is sure to add the right hues to colour to every space.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Rangoli Designs
Source: pichintergrundbildererx.pw

31. An ideal design for the festivals to come. With diyas lit, and Ganesha in the middle, the light to your home is already on its way.

Rangoli Design with Dots for Ganesh Chaturthi
Source: rangolikolam.com

32. A pretty design, that is a tad bit hard to try unless you are ready to put in hours of concentration.

Rangoli Designs with Dots for Ganesh Chaturthi
Source: shanthisridharankolam.com

33. Bringing in sunshine even on the darkest of nights, is what this design does.

Ganesh Chaturthi Special Rangoli
Source: shanthisridharankolam.com

34. An eye for detail and accuracy is what you need to successfully pull off this design to perfection.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs with Dots
Source: shanthisridharankolam.com

35. A new color that has never been seen of Lord Ganesha, and it looks all the more religious and divine.

Ganesh Rangoli Designs for Competition
Source: theholidayspot.com

36. A simple yet charming design that portrays god in all its colour. A warm and welcoming design.

Simple Rangoli for Ganesh Chaturthi
Source: facebook.com/rangolikolam/

37. The specialty of this design lies in its creativity. The center eye looking at you, at any direction that you look at it from.

Easy Ganpati Rangoli Designs
Source: shanthisridharankolam.com

38. How lovely is this design! Huge, colorful, enchanting and sending in nothing else but good vibes.

Flower Rangoli Ganpati
Source: shanthisridharankolam.com

39. This Ganesha made out of petals is a beauty which has to definitely grace your house. The hard work is all worth it after seeing the design.

Easy Ganesh Rangoli Designs for Diwali
Source: happyshappy.com

Here are few more Ganesh rangoli designs:

Latest Ganesh Rangoli Designs
Source: diwaliwishes7november2018.com
Creative Ganesh Rangoli Designs
Source: facebook.com/mashkolam
Ganpati Rangoli
Source: vanathisrangoli.com
Ganesh Kolam Designs 2018
Source: trueshayari.in
Peacock and Ganesh Rangoli
Source: lifenlesson.com
Ganesh Rangoli Designs 2018
Source: diwaliwishes7november2018.com

So, which of the above New Year rangoli designs are you going to try? Have any more Ganpati designs that you would love to use share with us? Let us know! Hope these have left you drooling and encouraged to try them yourself.

Images Source: pinterest

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