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My  monthly “life updates” have started to feel like more generic family newsletters.

You know, those holiday newsletters you get from family members who really just offer up a cliché round-up of everything amazing that they accomplished that year. Sometimes they will sprinkle in a hardship or two, but it’s really just one big pat on their back for how they handled said hardship and came out the other side.

I thought that today, rather, I would offer up an honest update on what’s been happening inside my walls.

I’m in a style rut

Outside of the occasional “fake it ’till you make it” outfit you see on my Instagram and the few and far between dinners that I’ve been scheduling for myself as an excuse to get dressed, I have a confession to make: I am in sweats 24/7. I don’t know what is wrong with me but I’m in a huge style rut. I don’t want to put on make-up, I don’t want to get dressed and I don’t even want to dry my hair.

I’m hoping that when we go on this big trip to Europe it lights a fire under my ass because right now I’m totally accepting a healthy style regime of work out clothes and Lake Pajamas.

June is Sick

In case you missed the big fat announcement on IG, June is sick with an awful head cold. I’m don’t sugar coat it to anyone when June is sick because it really does take our entire family down for the count. She sleeps in bed with us, she cuddles with us nonstop and I have zero boundaries, rules, or tough love in my house when June is sick. All bets are off when she doesn’t feel good. Ice cream at 1pm? You’ve got it June bug! Whatever it takes to get her feeling better. Therefore, work, fitness, relationships, friendships, and anything and everything all fall by the waist side until she is feeling better. It really feels like we’re somewhat paralyzed when this happens.

We had planned to spend this week up at the lake house and against my better judgement, I pushed us to continue our trip on Sunday. I drove June all the 1.5 hour way up the mountain and then the next day we turned around and came home. I could tell she really really not feeling well once we got up to altitude. I had pushed her too hard.

Luckily, she seems to be rounding a bit of a corner as of yesterday. He fever is spreading out, snot is slowly down and cough is steadying.

I’m Over My Book

I know I shouldn’t say it, but I’m sick of writing my book. I have absolutely loved the process and I could not be more excited to release my book come Spring 2022 but right now, the entire thing makes me kind of want to throw up. I’ve just looked at it too much. I’m sick of it. I’m terrified by it. I’m disgusted by it. I’m excited over it. I’m all the things.

Opening A Store

A very secret project that Grant and I have been working on behind the scenes that no one knows about is to open a PERMANENT store at Platform in Culver City. Remember back in 2019 when we opened the “By Damsel” temporary Pop Up? Well, the owners of Platform liked it so much that they’re keen to partner with us on opening up a permanent space. I could not be more excited about this endeavor. In all honestly, I’ve been looking for a meaningful way to transition into a profession that feels more tangible and “IRL” (in real life) versus just typing to you guys over my laptop. I’m so thirsty to interact with people in person and to create tangible goods {yes, a product line too!} that this project has me all sorts of jazzed up. The downside is that I am not really sharing about it on social media quite yet. I worry that if I announce it too soon, it will lose momentum and “buzz” by the time we open {late Spring 2022}. More on that to come. . . I trust that my secret is safe with you, my trusted blog readers. x

I’m Really Obsessed with Yoga

I only do it twice a week but I’m having a mad love affair with yoga at the moment. I have not felt this balanced, healthy and centered in YEARS! I really hope that you all are able to find something that you can practice to help you feel grounded during these truly chaotic times in our world.

How are YOU!?

xoxo jacey

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