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If you are an avid gamer, you might have heard about one of the most popular games in the whole virtual world, Mortal Kombat. This game has created some of the best characters, such as one of the dominant characters of this game is a woman who operates all the action-packed operations. Sonya Blade. She has inspired many women out there just in the game. Their approach and movies have made them more empowered and gave them a chance to rebuild their decision-making abilities.

Almost all the women these days are on a spree of ideas about girls’ Halloween costumes. They want to have something that can make them youthful and stunning at the same time. Monitoring the scenario closely, we brought you a style guide that gives you suggestions of what you can wear to form this Sonya Blade-inspired outfit for Halloween and make your Halloween night unforgettable. 

V-neck fitted shirt 

A fitted shirt always looks sexy. However, when it comes to something that is available in your wardrobe, you can actually wear some really chic designs of t-shirts. We would recommend you to wear something a blue hue since Sonya Blade has worn something similar to that shade in her action costume. Prefer finding a V-neck one, but a normally fitted t-shirt would also go well if you can’t. 

Jeans or leather pants

You can be as hot and gorgeous as you ever wished for by complimenting your Halloween look with these skin-fitted pants. You can either put on some really nice leather pants, make sure they are in jet black, or staple black denim jeans. These pants will really compliment the look, and they will surely make you look attractive. The only moment you realize that you can gather all the side clothing for this look is when you would find this kind of pants that can inspire the look/. 

Sonya Blade Inspired Jacket

This jacket is not only classy but also looks absolutely chic. It can give out some really stunning vibes and make you look absolutely gorgeous. You can have this roguish look along with your personality enhanced and represented as a strong woman. The fine details on this jacket, along with the durability, would simply make you wonder how you can find such a kind. This would complete more than half of your look and make you look all set to let the trendy fire swamp away people with your magical attire. 

Sleek black boots 

The look would be absolutely at the end with these sleek black boots. However, you can wear any regular black boots. But If we recommend something. That would be these laced boots with fine details and have a jet black lustrous look to them. These boots will look absolutely stunning, and people can’t take their eyes off this outlook, especially if you are opting for some bold lips along with these black boots. It would be one of the killer combinations. 

Some touch-up accessories

If you are someone who wants the complete look and feel for your Halloween costume, then these accessories are a must-have for you. A fingerless leather glove would add value to your fierce look and make your personality look strong. Another element in this outfit is this tactical black belt. You can make your costume comfier and body fitted so that it could give you a ritzy look. Along with all this, you can have a jet black cap that would complement the look. If you are going for a high ponytail, it will definitely give you some extra points of gorgeousness. 

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!