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What an honor! Jessica Alba shared adorable pics of her oldest child’s first day as an eighth-grader.

Jessica commemorated 13-year-old Honor‘s big day by sharing new Instagram pics of her teen in a green cardigan, white turtleneck, blue skirt and with a trendy middle part in her hair.

“Honor’s first day of 8th grade,” Jessica captioned the post. She said she is “a proud” and “obviously crying” mother. In the last pic of the four she shared, Jessica gave her daughter a sweet hug.

Many flooded the comments wishing the teen girl luck on her first day and expressing just how much the mother-daughter look alike.

TikToker Tinx said, “She’s your twin!!” And How to Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis simply wrote, “Beauty.”

The Honest Beauty founder has been vocal about her relationship with her daughter and has been open about how therapy has helped their bond grow.

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