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If you are a party animal, you might know about DJ Marshmello and his rocker-style appearance. Halloween Parties usually are not about looking modish or snappy. It is more about how different and unique you would look with that costume you choose.

Let’s dive into some of the essentials that you would need to style that DJ Marshmello like costume and make your look unique. 


Halloween Catalogue featuring Marshmello Costume - THOSE HOLY WHITE PANTS

A pair of white pants is quintessential; when it comes to this Halloween costume. It would not only enhance the look but also make some really snitch fits. You can have these white fitted pants that could actually make you look more fitted and slim. Make sure the jeans are crafted with nice quality material, and it gives you that stand out at the party. Since the white color and that unique way of carrying it will already do the deed for you. 


If you truly want to make an impression on your friends, wear the white bomber Marshmellow jacket. This jacket will blend seamlessly with the rest of the white ensemble. And the best part, you can wear it long after Halloween is gone!


This sweatshirt in the color white will not only make you look chic and flamboyant, but it will give the perfect shape to the costume. The shirt Christopher Comstock is wearing in his Marsmello costume is the same white sweatshirt as it is the spirit of the outfit. You can also have a full sleeve shirt for the look, but we think a sweatshirt would give it a real nice puff and enhance this look. 


How about you grabbing some white sneakers and matching them with your already dope DJ costume. Well, we would suggest you put on some LED lights one, but even if you prefer to wear the simpler version, it would still look as swanky as your personality is. Most of the people notice the kind of shoes we wear since it is the party of our look and especially at Halloween party where there is a fair chance if you are meeting someone as interestingly dressed as you. You can definitely take the chance with these shiny white sneakers. They are super comfy, and you could hop around and dance your heart out in them. 


Halloween Catalogue featuring Marshmello Costume

This look is a whole mood. We would recommend you to have minimal accessories, although this costume demands a proper control board and headphones. But we would suggest you carry as minimal props as possible so that it is easier for you to manage your look and enjoy the night with a free spirit look. The headphones hanging on that neck area would complement this look too. 


This headpiece is the cherry on the top for this Halloween look. You can not ignore the finely detailed headpiece that you can also look up online for a DIY Tutorial in order to do something productive and exciting. However, it can also be bought. 

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