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The Ordinary vs The Inkey List: Which Is better?

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23 Replies to “The Truth About The Ordinary | Part 2”

  1. I don’t understand why people only use the caffeine + EGCG serum under the eyes. Nah. I literally use this on my entire face. These are antioxidants. Utilize them in more areas than just your under eye area! This serum literally feels like a lightweight hyaluronic acid serum (it actually does contain HA). I use this on my entire face every night and I absolutely love it. I’ve gone through 3-4 bottles already.

    Sometimes I mix strong brewed matcha into it. Yes I am overkill and extra but it works amazingly well

  2. I really don’t understand his logic on the oils. A pure oil isn’t necessarily “concentrated” because it consists of 100% oil. It’s just… that one oil. Some people enjoy the benefits of pure oils. Rosehip is a high linoleic acid oil, contains trace amounts of retinoic acids and beta carotenes and vitamin E.

    The ordinary isn’t the only brand to offer pure oils so it’s weird to criticize them for that. Plus… you can simply add a drop or two of the Rosehip oil into any moisturizer. That solves your problem of needing a combination of ingredients. Most people utilize oils in this way.

  3. Buff-fete is the last name of Jimmy Buffet, an annoying singer-songwriter. Buh-fay is a smorgasbord of ingredients (usually used to describe a way to serve food). The word is French. Your original pronunciation — buh-fay — is correct. Worse than fragrance or essential oils is incorrectly pronouncing French words, particularly if they have entered the English language. Love you. xoxoxo

  4. Can you please reply Hyram. Does the niaciamide zinc serum by the ordinary make your skin "purge"? I started using it 2 weeks ago and I have broken out worse than usual since starting it.

  5. The fact that i have only watched 2 videos and i already want to focus on skin care more- sir what godly powers do you have???

  6. I wish I watched this before buying the moisturizing factors. I feel like I can use it when it's cold or at night and stuff! It's THICK like super thick so my skin was just like hold on 😂 I can also use it after something like a purfying clay mask or charcoal mask just to get more moisture. But it does feel alright so for sure imma try it at night only !!

  7. I agree that their products are really confusing 😭 this is my nth time watching about The Ordinary serum because I want to get rid of my textured skin.

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