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A Taliban spokesman said on Wednesday that Pakistan is like a second home for us. Wants to strengthen trade and strategic ties with the neighboring country. Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid also said that the Taliban wants good relations with India.

Relations with Pakistan will deepen

During an interview with Pakistan’s ARY News, Mujahid said that Afghanistan shares its border with Pakistan. When it comes to religion we are traditionally connected. The people of both countries get along with each other. That is why we are looking forward to furthering deepening ties with Pakistan.

Said this thing about India and Pakistan

He also said that Pakistan has no role in the Taliban’s attack to capture Afghanistan. He said the neighboring country has never “interfered” in his affairs. Mujahid further said that Pakistan and India should sit together to resolve their outstanding issues. Because both are neighboring countries and the interests of both are linked to each other. He also said that the Taliban wants good relations with all countries including India. Our only wish is that India should decide its policies according to the interests of the Afghan people.

Rise of terrorism

Mujahid said the Taliban would not allow Afghan soil to be used against any country. On the possibility of the rise of terrorist organizations Tehreek-e-Taliban and Islamic State in Afghanistan, the Taliban spokesman said that we have said earlier also that we will not allow our land to be used against any other country. The Taliban spokesperson said that India needs to take a positive stand on Kashmir.

The new government will be mixed

Amid speculation about government formation in Afghanistan, a Taliban spokesman said they want a government that is strong and based on Islam, which includes all Afghans. The Taliban has named Mullah Abdul Qayyum Zakir, a former Guantanamo captive, as acting defense minister, news agency Reuters reported on Wednesday.

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