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From starting a new phase of your life to building lifelong friendships, there’s a reason why many consider college to be the best part of life. At GITAM, people get to do a lot more than just studying. Students get to experience the complete bill of college life at this beautiful campus. Here are some day-to-day experiences that make campus life special for a student at GITAM Vizag.

#1 Going to the beach for a plate of maggi

One of the biggest plus points of GITAM Vizag is that it is right beside the sea. The popular Rushikonda Beach is within a walking distance from the campus. It is for this reason that at any given time, the beach is usually flocking with GITAM students, hanging out or gorging on the delicious maggi served here. 

#2 Driving to college

6 experiences that make campus life special for a GITAM Vizag student

This one’s for day-scholar students. Driving everyday to college can be a very mundane activity. But not in GITAM’s case. Students who have their own vehicle get to enjoy a cool breeze as they drive along the Beach Road to the college. It’s this drive that sets the day right for many of the students and it is something that most other colleges don’t offer.

#3 Club meetings

One important part of student life at GITAM is to be part of a club. Be it a creative arts club like Kalakrithi or a subject-related club like IEEE. At these clubs, students not only get to meet and hang out with like-minded people but also get to plan fun activities like fests. Plus, there’s no better way really to spend your free time than to earn some extra credits by being a part of one of these clubs.

#4 Fests every other month

6 experiences that make campus life special for a GITAM Vizag student

GITAM Vizag has a lot of institutes. And each institute organises its own fest. Some of the most popular fests at this college are GUSAC Carnival, GEM Fest, NIRVANA, etc. These fests bring fun to the students in more ways than one. From delicious food to entertaining dance performances, students get to experience the fun side of college life at these fests and since there are so many of them, this fun comes around almost every other month.

#5 Hanging out at Fashion Street

Bunking classes with friends or simply passing time, the basement of the ICT Chandrahas building at GITAM, or Fashion Street as it is called, is one of the most popular hangout spots on the campus. From getting Xerox to buying food from the supermarket to chatting with friends, there’s a lot that can be done here. Hence, many students spend a good part of their day here. 

#6 Hostel Life

6 experiences that make campus life special for a GITAM Vizag student

Hostellers at GITAM have an experience quite different from the other students. Be it any of the many hostels on the campus, student life here becomes all about the camaraderie over years, experiencing thick-and-thin with other students, learning to be independent and responsible. While every other college can offer a hostel experience, being a hosteller at GITAM is a different feeling altogether. 

What other experiences do you think make student life special at GITAM Vizag?

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