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Iggy Azalea is stamping out a rumor that she’s dating Tristan Thompson. The Australian rapper responded to an allegation by Tasha K, a blogger/YouTuber who released a new vlog this week with the bold accusation that Iggy had been sleeping with Tristan Thompson. “Does (Khloe) know that Tristan and Miss Iggy are f–king?” the YouTuber says in the video.

Iggy went to Twitter to react to the video, claiming she’s “never met” Tristan. The singer penned, “Making up baseless lies about people for fun is lame because I’m a real person with my own private life that gets disrupted by bullshit, so I’m actually annoyed.” She further wrote, “Very weird fake news making the rounds about me dating a man I’ve literally never met a DAY in my life…. Like…Y’all are really that bored?!?!” 

Check out her tweet here:


However, Iggy had previously dated an NBA player, Nick Young, with whom she was engaged for a while before they separated, but there is no convincing proof, pictures or otherwise, that she and Tristan have ever met or interacted. Meanwhile, as per Just Jared, The Iggy and Tristan allegation comes after he and ex Khloe both addressed the most recent rumors regarding their relationship status.

As per TMZ, there had previously been rumours that Thompson and Kardashian had reconciled, and the veteran big man himself had responded to the rumors. Thompson was annoyed by all the commotion and decided to call out the gossipers for their “effort to steal another person’s dignity, honor, credibility, and reputation, which are difficult to recover.” Kardashian also addressed the allegations, but she was more concerned with a remark that said she had no self-worth if she had reconciled with Thompson.

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