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The circulatory system of our body carries blood, oxygen and nutrients to each and every part of the body. But in case the circulation is poor, the blood doesn’t reach properly to tissues depriving them of oxygen and nutrients required for normal functioning resulting in certain symptoms. Homeopathy for blood circulation offers a supportive help in these cases to improve blood circulation and give symptomatic relief along with conventional treatment. 

Homeopathy for blood circulation

Poor circulation commonly occurs in limbs like legs and arms. 


Poor circulation is not a disorder but arises from some of the health issues. 

It can arise from various causes. First among them is atherosclerosis. It arises when plaque  builds up in the artery arteries causing its hardness and narrowing of lumen. It leads to a decrease in blood flow. It can affect arteries of the heart, brain, legs and arms. Atherosclerosis can lead to peripheral artery disease (a circulatory problem in which blood flow to the limbs is decreased due to narrowing of the arteries).

Second reason is a clot in a blood vessel that can restrict blood flow to the organs. The clot may cause partial or complete blockage of blood flow. Blood clots can form in any of the body areas. If a blood clot forms in arms or legs then then it carries a chance to travel to vital organs like heart (causing heart attack), lungs and can also lead to stroke (death of brain cells from decreased or interrupted blood supply to a part of brain depriving it from getting oxygen and nutrients)

Third cause is diabetes mellitus. High blood sugar levels for a long time can lead to damage of blood vessels and plaque can build up in these vessels. 

Next reason is varicose veins (twisted, enlarged and engorged veins). This happens from weakening or damage of the valves of veins. It results in backward blood flow and blood pooling in the vein resulting in stretching and twisting of the veins. Any vein in the body may be affected with it but usually they occur on the back of the legs. 

Another cause is being overweight (it compresses blood supply through the whole body. Persons who are obese are at more risk of poor circulation if they remain in standing or sitting position for a prolonged period. It puts them at risk of varicose veins, high blood pressure). Lastly it can arise from raynaud’s disease In this disease there occurs narrowing of the small arteries in the hands and toes. Its symptoms usually occur when the sufferer is in a cold temperature or under excessive stress. 


Its main symptoms are numbness, tingling or pin needle sensation in the hands and feet. Next is coldness in the hands and feet. 

Another symptom is pain of throbbing or stinging nature in the limbs. Other than this there may occur cramps in the limbs (hands, feet, arms, legs). Skin colour changes may also occur. Due to low amount of arterial blood to body tissues the skin may look pale or blue, or purple

Next swelling and ulcers can occur in the lower limbs. Fatigue is also seen sometimes. Other than this symptoms depend on which part of the body has sluggish blood circulation. For example poor circulation to the brain can impact its functioning resulting in dizziness, memory loss, concentration issues, headache and fatigue. If circulation to heart is poor it may result in chest pain, breathing difficulty, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat. When circulation to Kidneys is reduced it may result in edema of hand, feet. Women may have irregular menstrual cycles and fertility issues if the blood supply to the female reproductive system is reduced. Men may face complaints of erectile dysfunction (inability to get or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse) in case of poor blood flow to the genitals. 

Homeopathy for Blood Circulation 

Homeopathic medicines are effective to relieve symptoms like numbness, tingling, coldness in limbs, cramps in  limbs, fatigue, concentration issues and manage varicose veins cases. The medicines for managing these cases are selected as per the symptoms of the patient in every individual case. Poor blood circulation can have serious complications related to vital organs like heart, lungs, brain. So it is advisable to take these medicines only when no serious complication is present. One should always take any homeopathic medicine for this condition under guidance of a homeopathic doctor. In critical cases it is strictly advised to take immediate help from conventional  mode of treatment.

  1. Carbo Veg 

It is one of the best homeopathic medicines having marked action on venous circulation. It is indicated when a person feels weak, exhausted. With this coldness in legs down the knees may be present. Numbness in the feet is yet another attending symptom. It is also a prominent medicine for managing cases where varicose veins or varicose ulcers are present. 

  1. Agaricus 

This medicine works well to manage complaints of icy coldness in the legs. It is attended with numbness where it is required. Next it is useful for paleness and numbness of the fingers with sensitivity to cold. It also helps in cases having cramps in the hands and feet. Agaricus is also one of the leading medicines for cases of Raynaud’s disease. 

  1. Calcarea Carb

Calcarea Carb is well indicated for sluggish blood circulation when there is marked coldness in the limbs. For using it the hands and feet feel cold, clammy.  Other than this it offers help for managing cramps in calves of the legs. Lastly it is indicated when there numbness of the feet mainly at night in bed.

  1. Pulsatilla 

It is a natural medicine prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flower. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. It is a top grade medicine to help cases where varicose veins are present in the legs. These may bleed too. There is pain in the legs with restlessness. The pain worsens from letting limbs hang down. Legs also feel heavy and weak. 

  1. Crataegus 

It is prepared from plant Crataegus Oxyacantha commonly known as hawthorn berries. It is a leading homeopathic medicine indicated for dissolving crustaceous and calcareous deposits in the arteries. Its use is recommended in tincture form. 

  1. Gelsemium 

It is again a natural medicine prepared from the bark of root of plant Gelsemium Sempervirens having the common name yellow jasmine. It belongs to the family loganiaceae. Its first indication for use is numbness in the limbs. It is also indicated for managing weakness in these cases. Dizziness can also be managed with this medicine. Concentration difficulties are another characteristic feature for using it.  Its last indication is cramping in the muscles of the forearm. 

  1. Arsenic Album 

It is yet another beneficial medicine indicated for weak blood circulation. It offers help to manage tingling sensation in the fingers. Persons having numbness and weakness in the feet can also be helped with this medicine. They may also have cramps in the calf muscles of the legs. Arsenic Album is one of the top listed medicine for managing fatigue, weakness, exhaustion. Persons needing it feel exhausted from little exertion. A general anxiety and restlessness can attend to the above symptoms when it is required. 

  1. Silicea

Use of this medicine is most indicated for managing icy coldness of the feet. Coldness is worse mainly at night time in cases needing it. It may be accompanied with excessive sweating on the feet. The sweat smells bad. The legs may also feel cold. Persons needing it may also have numbness in the feet especially in the evening. Tingling in the soles of feet is another symptom that they may complain. Sometimes they also have cramps in the calves and soles. Lastly they may have a pricking sensation in both the arms.

  1. Rhus Tox

It is another valuable medicine indicated for cases of sluggish blood circulation. This medicine is prepared from fresh leaves of plant Rhus Toxicodendron. It belongs to family anacardiaceae. It offers best help in cases having tingling sensation in the feet. Next it is effective to manage cramping in the legs and feet. 

  1. Lachesis

This medicine is prominently indicated for managing varicose veins and varicose ulcers. In case of ulcers burning sensation can be there. These may also be sensitive to touch. Secondly it is used in cases of tingling in the toes. Numbness in the finger tips is yet another symptom where this medicine offers help. 

  1. Ferrum Met

This medicine is useful in cases presenting with coldness and numbness in the hands and feet. The coldness may be almost continuous. It is also significant to manage cramps in the legs, feet and toes. Apart from these varicose veins on the feet indicates its use. Another symptom for using it is easy fatigue from walking. 

  1. Sepia

This medicine offers help to manage icy cold feelings in the lower limbs. People who need it usually feel coldness in legs and feet mostly in the evening in bed. They may also have heaviness and bruised feeling in their limbs.  

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