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Chafing is a sure fire way to ruin a nice summer’s day, isn’t it? You can be minding your business, wearing your new summer dress and sandals on a nice warm stroll through the park with your pals and boom – your thighs start to rub together and that horrible feeling of chafing begins. Excitement about the sunshine can quickly diminish at the thought of your thighs rubbing together to a painful effect.

Yep. As soon as those temperatures soar and you’ve ditched your jeans (or loungewear) in favour of breezy, lightweight fabrics, there’s no escaping the occurrence of chafing for some. It actually affects more people than you’d think and, no, it’s not just something that happens to people with ‘thick’ thighs. It’s a totally normal thing… but it’s not exactly comfortable. It can be itchy and irritating and can also leave you with raw patches of skin. Ouch.

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Those who often experience chafing will know that waddle-style walk you can do to temporarily relieve it all too well, and probably recognise it when they see others doing it too. If you’re wincing just thinking about the pain that chafing causes (us too), and often search how to stop chafing on Google, then you’ve come to the right place. Finding the best chafing cream has been top of our to-do list since the sun started to peep between the clouds, so we’ve compiled a list of them for you to choose from.

What is chafing?

According to Healthline, chafing is a common skin problem caused by any combination of friction, moisture, and irritating fabric. When your skin rubs together for prolonged periods of time, you’ll find it starts to sting or burn and that you develop a red rash. In severe cases chafing can cause swelling, bleeding and crusting.

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What is the best thing for chafing? How do you treat inner thigh chafing?

Don’t ever suffer in silence with chafing, if it’s really bad and causing you pain you should always seek a GP’s advice as they may recommend a medicinal ointment. For the meantime though, we recommend cleaning the area that’s affected and drying it thoroughly before applying chafing cream.

Some of the best chafing creams, according to their reviews, seem to be BeYou’s Anti-Chafing Cream, Lanacane’s Anti-Chafing Gel, Ultra Bee’s Cyclist Butt Balm and good old Original Petroleum Jelly from Vaseline. A good coating of any of these products should soothe your chafing symptoms immediately, so it seems a no brainer to invest! Summer will no longer be something you dread, especially not for fear of being in pain.

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Continue down to our round-up and treat your skin to a soothing chafing cream ASAP.