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Brie Larson is leaving no stone unturned for preparing for her character of ‘Captain Marvel’.

We have seen many celebrities engaging in an extensive workout just to transform for that one role. While many actors have gained over a hundred pounds, many had to shed that extra weight. Well, it looks like Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel is prepping up with all her force to don that Captain Marvel costume again. Want to know what we are talking about, then keep scrolling to find out.


  • Brie Larson getting stronger for playing ‘Captain Marvel’
  • Will Brie Larson lead the new Avengers team?
  • What do we know about ‘The Marvels’?
Scared Brie Larson is overpreparing for the Marvels
Scared Brie Larson is overpreparing for the Marvels


Brie is making sure that no one can take away the role of Captain Marvel from her hands and she can be seen putting all her efforts into it. A few days back, Brie took to her Instagram and shared some of her workout videos. In one of the videos we can see her lifting heavy weights with all of her strength, she even captioned it as: “No toes were hurt in the making 😂👣”. In one of the other videos shared by the actress, we could see her getting her legs toned, “We love to find new ways to kick my butt don’t we”.

Well, Brie’s workout regime is giving us some major inspiration to move our bodies from the couch. Isn’t it?


Yes, Brie is all keen on leading the Avengers team and she is trying to grab this opportunity by all means. According to the insider Daniel Richtman, Brie Larson has reached out to Marvel Studios to let them know that she thinks she can lead the Avengers team. It is reported that Brie personally spoke to Kevin Feige and made it absolutely clear that she intends to work at the forefront of the team. We don’t know yet if Kevin is considering her as the team leader, but Brie surely has her future planned for herself in the Marvel Universe.


The sequel of ‘Captain Marvel’ is all set to release on November 11, 2022, in the theatres near you. Nothing else is known about the plot of the movie as of yet, but fans are definitely excited to see Brie in that costume again.

How excited are you for watching ‘The Marvels’?

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