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Pak J Pharm Sci. 2021 Jan ;34(1):47-56. PMID: 34248002

Abstract Title: 

Neuroprotective and antioxidant effect of Curcuma longa (Rhizome) methanolic extract on SH-SY5Y cells and Javanese medaka.


Diseases caused by oxidative stress can be prevented by antioxidant. Current treatments for those neurodegenerative diseases are not effective and cause many side effects. Thus, the search for alternative medicines is in high demand. Therefore, the main purposed of this study is to evaluate the neuroprotective effects of Curcuma longa (rhizome) 80% methanol extract. Antioxidant using dichlorofuoresence diacetate (DCF-DA) assay on SH-SY5Y cells revealed high activities of Curcuma longa (rhizome) extract with IC50 of 105.9±0.8 µg/mL. Sub-acute and chronic toxicity tests of the plant extract on adult Javanese medaka (Oryzias javanicus) showed high toxicity effect with LCof 24.15±0.8 mg/L and 13.69±0.7 mg/L respectively. Neuroprotective tests using cholinesterase assay disclose significant differences at P

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