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Robert Pattinson has been filming a new Batman movie with Matt Reeves, but he thinks that this movie would fail if rumours are to be believed. Recent stories claim that Warner Bros executives and the main star of Batman have lost faith in the new Batman.

It might be too early for the rest of the world to foretell Batman to flop at the box office. But if the recent rumours are anything to go by, the movie star might be unsatisfied with the path the movie has taken till now. Will Robert Pattinson’s Batman fail?

Highlights —

  • Robert Pattinson as Batman
  • WB executives unhappy with Batman
  • Pattinson thinks the movie would fail
Robert Pattinson foretells the failure of the Batman franchise due to the over-abundance of villains
Robert Pattinson foretells the failure of the Batman franchise due to the over-abundance of villains


Pattinson has been hailed as the perfect person to take over the Batman helm. He is athletic, young, and is ideal for portraying the young dark crusader. However, recently news broke that the movie is going for urgent reshoots, and the executives might not be happy with the film’s direction.

Reshoots are pretty routine in Hollywood, but, for WB they usually spell disaster. Previous DCEU movies with significant reshoots, like ‘Justice League‘ and ‘Suicide Squad‘, fell flat at the box office. So, it’s no surprise that Pattinson is predicting Batman to flop at the box office.

The ‘Twilight’ star has been vocal about the pressure on him during the filming from the start. Taking on an iconic role marked by great actors like Ben Affleck and Christian Bale when the DCEU is undergoing a recent restructuring means a lot is riding on the new Batman movie. However, Reeves elected that this would be a movie with three villains and one anti-hero.

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The movie so far is confirmed to have the Riddler, Penguin, and Falcone as villains and Catwoman, a known anti-hero. With so many characters debuting together, Matt Reeves has an uphill battle since multi-villain movies have failed. While insiders like Daniel Richtman claim that they trust Matt Reeves, the main star is rumoured to have lost faith in the production due to the story.


Recent rumours claim that during a recent screening of the movie for the executives, things got heated. Executives were deeply unhappy with the film and wanted to change the story fundamentally.

Part of this might be that the number of villains drags the story out, but, according to sources, the main issue seems to lie in the Bruce Wayne scenes filmed by Pattinson. WB is pressuring Matt Reeves to refilm the sequences to avoid a massive failure.

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While the claims made by Doomcock seem to be rumours, and he has urged fans to exercise caution in believing these rumours, there might be some truth to them.

He has said that the source has provided accurate data about WB and DCEU in the past, and they are very close to the WB executives in question. With the film confirmed to be going into reshoots, it seems at least parts of the rumours are authentic.

The fact that Robert Pattinson predicts Batman’s failure, the production is rumoured to have been marred by the star’s actions all along. Rumours indicate that the actor’s closeness with Kravitz, who plays Catwoman, and his behaviour around the set caused multiple delays in shooting the film, inflating the budget to over $400 million.


Zack Snyder warned that WB’s fixation with Batman might have cost DCEU its future. With the WB repeatedly wanting to push Batman as one of their most prominent heroes, the character has a lot riding his shoulders. So, do the villains. As a DC insider told “Variety”, DC executives are hoping that the multiple villains introduced in the movie are going to have their spin-offs soon.

While rumours have been circulating of a possible failure since early on in the filming, there has been nothing to indicate a massive problem with the sets. The recent shoot photos show off a noir world that matches perfectly with the Batman aesthetic and would be an asset to the movie. 

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So, while there are rumours of everyone predicting “Batman to flop on Box Office”, there’s no reason to take them at their word just yet.

Robert Pattinson seems to be having a tough time working around the role of Batman with Matt Reeves. Rumours have claimed that he is unsatisfied with the movie, and Warner Bros executives seem to agree. While these are only rumours at this point, the film is going for reshoots, and that might mean the caped crusader would have to fight critics once he lands on the silver screen.

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