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As we were confined to the four walls of safety, due to the pandemic, a baker grew inside some of us. Perfecting cake recipes became a part of the weekends. With time in hand, bonding with the family over delicious recipes was the favourite time pass. Social media became the biggest tool for expression of our skills and talents. Instagram was one of the most engaging apps, with Reels and IGTV providing interactive video formats. Bakers and chefs found a niche for expressing their delicious recipes on this social media platform. A foodie could hardly resist their aesthetic instagram feed decorated with pictures and recipes of pastries and cakes. Here’s a list of some of the bakers that you can follow on Instagram for delicious dessert recipes.  

#1 Chef Heena Punwani – @tiffintales 

Chef Heena Punwani, as her Instagram bio reads, is an engineer turned pastry chef. She works as an executive pastry chef at The Bombay Canteen, O Pedro and the online bakeshop Burn & Babka. Chef Heena is quite active on her instagram account, where she regularly updates her menus and the different types of pastries that she bakes. 

#2 Chef Krishna Punjabi – @gourmet_palate

An alumni of the French culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Krishna Punjabi used to work at La Folie Patisserie. The gourmet pastry chef uploads pictures of different delicacies that she prepares. The pastry chef specialises in mouth-watering delicacies like pastries, cakes, garlic buns, cheesecakes etc. 

#3 Parth Bajaj – @parthbajaj

A self taught baker, Parth Bajaj runs his own home bakery by the name of Plated By Parth. The 24 year old baker brings in different attractive cake recipes to try. He also shares his recipes on the YouTube channel. Apart from posting beautiful videos and photos on Instagram, Parth also shares the right ways to bake, teaching other aspiring bakers.

#4 Pragati – @crustsandcreams

An engineer-turned-baker, Pragati always had a niche for baking. Famous for her eggless cakes, Pragati loves to decorate her cakes. She regularly posts reels on Instagram about the different ways to decorate cakes. Her iInstagram feed is filled with beautiful designed cakes. 

#5 Radhika Malhotra Arora – @sugarandspicebyradhika

A baker, and YouTuber, Radhika Malhotra Arora, posts her interesting pastry and cake recipes on her YouTube channel. She is also quite active on her Instagram account, where she regularly photos pictures and reels on the recipes of her cakes. 

#6 Chef Sahil Garg – @pastrychefsahil

Going by the instagram username of pastrychefsahil, Chef Sahil Garg is an alumni of Le Cordon Bleu. Apart from uploading irresistible pastries and cakes, Chef Sahil also regularly posts interactive reels where he sometimes shares the recipes for his pastries. He now also conducts paid online classes to share his recipes. 

#7 Chef Sanjana Patel – @chegsanjana

India’s Pastry Queen of 2015 and Top 5 World Pastry Queen of 2016, Chef Sanjana Patel is a chocolatier and pastry baker. She currently works at La Folie where she created premium delicacies of chocolates and pastries. Chef Sanjana has experience of more than 20 years in the field of pastry baking. Her Instagram feed is full of delightful cakes, pastries and breads that she bakes. She is one of the best bakers on Instagram.

#8 Shivesh Bhatia – @shivesh17

A 25 year old, self taught baker and food blogger, Shivesh Bhatia is an author of two cook books. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads videos of the amazing pastries that he bakes. His Instagram feed is filled with yummy pastries, recipes of which are also shared. 

#9 Chef Tejasvi Chandela – @cheftejasvichandela

Last but not least, Chef Tejasvi Chandela is one of the most famous and successful bakers in India. Founder of Cut Chocolate Cake and Dzurt Patisserie, Chef Tejasvi regularly posts the heavenly looking cakes and pastries that she bakes on her Instagram account. She also hosts her own TV show ‘The Bakers Table’ that is telecast on Zee Zest channel.

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2020's Easy Money Making Strategies - Register now!