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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas command a huge fan following individually and as a couple globally. Recently, the actress says that it is sometimes frustrating when her professional achievements are blindsided by the gossip surrounding her personal life.

In a recent podcast, Priyanka revealed that it is frustrating when all your achievements are blindsided by the gossip side of her life. However, she agrees that people are excited about her personal life because they are not very public by nature. The actress also acknowledges the fact that in pop culture and in the entertainment business, when you’re a public person, that kind of curiosity is part of the job. However, it is up to her to draw the line when needed. According to her, it is hard to juggle but you’ve got to be realistic about it.

Talking about her husband Nick and herself, Priyanka added that she takes immense pride in the fact that Nick is as multi-hyphenated as her. She stated that they both come to the table as creatives and they draw on each other to become better every day. Neither of them is defined by each other. According to her, the media tries to do that more than they do.

On the work front, she was last seen in ‘The white Tiger’ co-starring Rajkummar Rao and Adarsh Gaurav. The film received positive reviews from the audience and the critics alike. IT was released on an OTT platform.

She is currently not only working on a web series with the Russo Brothers but is also set to play a role in ‘Matrix 4’.

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