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New Delhi: An experiment conducted in UK on walking and effect on diabeties, simpler terms blood sugar.

There are many who walk 45 minutes or more at a stretch in morning or evening as per convenience. It was also observed that people walk ten minutes after breakfast in the morning, ten minutes after lunch and ten minutes after dinner.

That is three times 10 minutes walk every day, helps in improving the blood sugar control a lot, says a report on www.webmd.com.

Waking for 10 minutes after eating reduces blood sugar by 11 % to 44 % based on experiments conducted.

So it was concluded it is not how much or how many kilometres one walked is not important but when or timing is more important.

This was experimented over a period of 40 days on 23 different times on different groups on 40 lakh people who were suffering from diabetes.

The people were divided in to two groups . Half of them were asked to walk 45 minutes briskly per day . Other half were asked to walk as per schedule given above i.e. morning , Afternoon ad Night ten minutes. No change in the Medicines they were taking.

Their blood sugar level were checked after 40 days. The blood sugar level came down by average 22 % on those who followed schedule as above. Instead of sitting in front of TV, do this very religiously for 40 days, keep a tab on time for 10 minutes and check blood sugar. You can do this inside the rooms in a flat.

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