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If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Being traded is not the only way that Rodgers could split from the Packers this season. He may be able to escape the Packers drama if he opts out of the upcoming season.

The agreement between the NFL and NFL Players Association from Tuesday allows all players to opt-out of the 2021 season over COVID-19 concerns. It doesn’t matter if they opted out in 2020, or whether they have been diagnosed with a higher-risk condition since October 1, 2020.

Players who choose to opt out this season would normally forfeit their earnings for this year. However, Rodgers’ case is the exception. Since his contract was signed before the October 1, 2020 deadline, the Packers star would still be entitled to his money.

If the three-time MVP chooses to opt-out, he could keep his $11.5 million in unearned signing bonus money that he is owed this season. He would also be able to keep the $6.8 million roster bonus that he earned in March. The 37-year-old, however, would not be able to opt back in.

Rodgers and the Packers have been at odds since last season. The problems started when the Packers selected quarterback Jordan Love with the 21st pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Aaron Rodgers can opt out of the 2021 season
Aaron Rodgers can opt out of the 2021 season
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The feud reached a boiling point during the 2021 NFL Draft when reports started circulating that Rodgers would refuse to play for the Packers and wanted to be traded. As the drama has played out in multiple reports and Packers CEO Mark Murphy called Rodgers a “complicated,” man.

Rodgers has until July 2 to decide if he wants to opt-out of the upcoming season. He has already missed the team’s OTAs and minicamps. And while he has become a huge distraction for the Packers’ front office, the rest of the team is avoiding the elephant in the room.

“Honestly, it’s not even something that we truly talk about like that,” Packers wide receiver Davante Adams told Fox News. “It’s just, everybody’s been dialed into what they got to do. There’s enough to worry about with themselves than to be going and worrying about what other guys are doing and what their situation is like, especially when we can’t control any of that.”

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